New year to Hong Kong sales target 36 billion by 9%

New Zealand (00016) last year, Hong Kong property contract sales reached 44.7 billion yuan high, deputy director of the Thunder that last year is a very prominent year, the next year, Hong Kong contract sales may not last year, but the annual target of 36 billion still Last year the original target growth of about 9%.

The sales revenue of Hong Kong last year was $ 52.4 billion, of which Hong Kong property contract sales accounted for 44.7 billion yuan, up 39.7% year on year, far exceeding the annual target of $ 33 billion. The contribution was mainly from Yuen Long Grand YOHO, Wait.

Thunder said that the contract sales last year is very good, is a prominent year, this year’s Hong Kong contract sales may not have last year, but to reach the annual target of 36 billion yuan very confident, the next nine months there will be nine residential projects , Including Tseung Kwan O Sunrise Cannes Jinhai, North Point Hai Xuan, Nanchang Station Meeting Xi II, etc., continue to maintain the goods such as rotation, month on the floor selling strategy. Since July, the new Hong Kong contract sales of about 5.6 billion.

Chairman and Managing Director Guo Binglian pointed out that the economic momentum of Hong Kong in the coming year will be moderately increased, the robust employment market, low interest rates and relatively positive population factors will be favorable to the demand for residential properties. The Group will be completed in Hong Kong on an average Residential floor more than 3 million square feet. As of the end of June, the new land in Hong Kong land reserves of about 51.8 million square feet, 19.6 million feet is the development of property.

Yamato: soil storage without the need to buy land for land

Tai Wo Capital Hong Kong research director Jane Guoyu said that the new land is currently 6 to 7 years of development, the future can be selective development and sale of the project, no need to rush to buy land or conversion of agricultural land, the mainland, Shanghai Xujiahui project on the importance of the group is expected to To be completed in the third period, that is, after 2020 will be demonstrated.

Mainland, the first phase of the International Trade Center of Xujiahui International Trade Center will be completed during the year, two office buildings have nearly 70% of the floor area leased out of the entire project is expected to fully completed by the end of 2023. The new land has won the Xujiahui project, did not vote for new land, executive director Guo Jihui explained that the past two years the mainland property market there are a lot of unreasonable land price, cooling the group in the mainland investment enthusiasm, but last October The central launch of the macro-measures, unreasonable prices and land prices speculation atmosphere, I believe that the long term favorable for the healthy development of the property market, the Group will be in the future line, individual second line and large Bay area to actively find new land.

As of the end of June, the net profit for the whole year increased by 7.4% yoy to RMB25.965 billion after excluding the effect of the fair value of investment properties. The expected dividend increased by 7.1% to RMB3.

Year core earn 7% dividend 3 yuan

The third generation of the new country Guo family joined the board in recent years, Guo Binglian yesterday stressed that the company is very united, colleagues are a heart to do business, the third generation of cooperation, is united, we often meet together to eat. Executive director Dong Zijao also said that Guo Jihong and Guo Jihui in Shanghai Xujiahui project cooperation was well.