Private housing supply to increase the flexibility of government policy

China is actively investing in Hong Kong, local developers only through the active land premium increase, so that private land supply becomes abundant. The Government should be flexible in its deployment to allocate the land supply so vacant to the private housing estates, to the Home Ownership Scheme, to alleviate the housing difficulties of the public.

Private supply can be no more than 3 to use

Xindi (00016) has just completed the Xisha Road Xixia Township project land premium of 12 billion yuan, involving the floor area of ​​4.82 million square feet, is the largest ever land premium. The developers are actively discussing the land premium with the Government. The main reason is that China has made great efforts in investing in recent years. The offer is very enterprising. The local developers are also hesitant to understand how they are still profitable under construction. In the competition with the Chinese. As developers have a lot of agricultural land in the New Territories, they have been quick to negotiate with the Government to raise land premiums and thus release more land for housing use. Developers this year and the Government on the number of agricultural land to complete the land premium of more than 19.2 billion yuan, involving a floor area of ​​more than 7.99 million square feet.

As the developers are actively subsidizing the land premium, the number of private land projects in the first two quarters of this fiscal year will be more than 1 000 units. Therefore, the Government has only about 3,100 partners, Land supply can build a total of 16,000, up to nearly 9% of the target, this fiscal year to reach 18,000 groups have no suspense.

The increase in the supply of land for private projects, in addition to the rate at which the Government can reduce the rate, the MTR (00066) has also canceled more than 5,000 flats in the second half of the year. Visible land supply has become more abundant. In this favorable situation, the Hong Kong Government should be flexible to adjust the land and housing planning.

One hand to absorb the amount of high should increase the amount of private buildings

First, from January to August this year, the volume of 1.2 million, more than 42% last year, the next three to four years, the potential supply of first-hand floor has risen to 98,000, but property prices are still rising, reflecting the new building The market is higher than expected. The Government should consider increasing the supply of land to private buildings to meet the hot demand of private buildings.

Second, the new government is planning to launch the first home on the plate, to help the production of home, the Government in the land for both spare capacity, can be allocated to the first set on the car plan, so that the project can be faster or even more scale to launch, Help reduce the grievances.

Thirdly, the Government has once stopped building HOS flats. The demand for HOS flats has been accumulated. Even if the HOS flats are rebuilt in recent years, there is little or no shortage of land. In fact, in the Government’s 10-year housing scheme, there are still 44 000 public housing estates including HOS flats. The Government should allocate additional housing to the land while taking advantage of the supply of land.

To solve the high prices of property in Hong Kong, the long-term still seek to increase land supply. At present, the supply of private land is more abundant. It is a good condition for the Government to re-establish the property ladder. The flexible use of land will relieve the public’s hardship.

Will eat Executive director Dong Zijao also said that Guo Jihong and Guo Jihui in Shanghai Xujiahui project cooperation was well.