Jiu Dong Shan is still honing hair shop book price

Jiu Dong Shan Shang Heng has been uploaded to the book and open demonstration units, the short term will announce the first price, pricing will refer to the Mid-Levels and other traditional luxury area project.

Hong Kong Industrial (00480) sales and marketing assistant general manager Chen Xiuzhen said the plan to launch the project’s hierarchical units, and then launched the house. The project will be announced in the short term the first price, but the number of small, or will be considered in the form of tender for sale.

The only garden complex area of ​​3202 feet

Chen added that, as Jiuban Mountain in recent years, the same type of supply, coupled with Shangheng landscape and positioning with the same district project is different, it will refer to such as Mid-levels and other traditional luxury area of ​​the new disk pricing.

The project was also uploaded to the book, the standard stratum interval is 4 rooms 2 suites design, the area from 1,597 to 1,980 square feet, a total of 33 groups, accounting for more than 5 percent of the total; and bungalows from 2,126 to 3,591 square feet, From 4 rooms to 5 rooms, accounting for about 13.

It is worth mentioning that there is only one garden compound in the third floor of the third floor of the building, with an area of ​​3,202 square feet, for 4 rooms and 4 sets of intervals, with 953 square feet of garden.

Developers yesterday to take the lead in the opening of the demonstration units to the media to visit a project on the 3rd floor of Room B room for the establishment of the unit, the principle of 4 rooms 2 suites design. Demonstration units have been open to the public