New ground 3 ground fur development first set on the wheel

Prime Minister Lin Yuede said that the Group will initially select three sites for discussion with the government to increase supply and help the public to buy their own homes. The

Willing to cooperate with the room to help the public home

Mr Wong pointed out that there were still a lot of details on the existing chalet, which was not yet known. However, the new land was willing to tie in with the Government’s policy to increase housing supply in response to public demand. “Although the first board is not available, the Group feels that there are three sites suitable for the Government to apply to the Government after the Government has announced it.

The new site has not yet announced three sites for the first floor of the car, but yesterday announced the subsidized tenteen rural projects, and the former Tuen Mun Siu Hong District 54, will be developed into private large residential and Commercial and commercial projects.

Excluding the use of land on the first floor of the car, the new two existing farmland land for residential use premium land, involving the floor area of ​​more than 7 million square feet. Chairman and Managing Director Guo Binglian said the Group will continue to actively hold the agricultural land to develop the floor. As at the end of June this year, new land holding more than 28 million square feet of agricultural land was at different stages of land use.

Mr Wong added that the Group had always increased land reserves through different channels. In addition, apart from the new land, other experts also had agreements with the Government on several large agricultural land conversion projects. It hoped that the housing supply in the next few years would meet the needs of the public.

Dai Guoyu, director of research and research in Hong Kong, pointed out that the two new agricultural land floor area of ​​more than 7 million square feet, of which Saigon Township development period of more than 8 years, the development of large-scale, coupled with the government to negotiate land premium process complex New land will not have a lot of urgency to apply for more farmland conversion, to avoid too much money was stuck.

New land and other Hong Kong-owned developers to farm land conversion to deal with Chinese and Hong Kong to grab the tide, Guo Binglian said, to be those “epilepsy" after winning the bid, at a reasonable price to vote.

Guo Binglian: HNA Kai Tak to make money

Yesterday, Hong Kong, or because the bank refused to issue short-term financing and the need to sell Kai Tak land, Guo said, if it is only an individual event, although there is still