This year’s Xiaoyangchun is almost crazy

This year’s Xiaoyangchun is almost crazy.

Usually, after the Lunar New Year holiday, there will be a period of relatively active trading in Hong Kong buildings, which is called Xiao Yang Chun. The reason why this period of trading is more is because during the Lunar New Year, everyone is busy with the New Year, and temporarily put down the plan of buying a home, so it has accumulated a certain purchasing power. After the Lunar New Year, these accumulated purchasing power will be released once and for all, making trading particularly prosperous.

This kind of prosperity does not mean that the market is getting better, but because there has been a relatively quiet period of trading before, it needs to be repaired after the Lunar New Year, and the market will be normalized. Therefore, Xiaoyangchun is usually not very long and can only last for several weeks to two months. The reason why it is called Xiaoyangchun is because it lasts for a short time. It does not mean that the spring has really arrived. After the end of Xiaoyangchun, the property market may enter the cold winter again.

However, this year’s situation is very special, the market is very prosperous, it can be called crazy. Just after the public holiday, the buyer did not know where to come from. They see the low-priced transactions that have appeared before, but they are only a short-lived one. There are not many handicap options in the market. It can be said that one is sold, and the remaining ones will be more expensive. Level one. So the buyer has a little regret, I think it should be decisive in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Many of them originally thought that the Sino-US Cold War is an extremely powerful property to curb the property market. It is enough to make the property market enter a long adjustment period. The property market may pick up the ranks. They may not have to worry, and there will be some later. Flat cargo. However, the real situation is not the case. The property market in Hong Kong only had a period of quiet trading during October and November last year, but there were not many owners who were willing to cut back during this time. So the flat plate was quickly absorbed. Not until Christmas, property prices have bottomed out. This time, it was obvious that the seller won.

As Sino-US negotiations began to see improvement, and the stock market also bottomed out, the atmosphere of the property market also improved. Everyone felt that the adjustment had been completed and should be able to regain the upward trend in the future, so they chose to enter the market as soon as possible.

The average price adjustment this time is only about 10%, which is much less than the stock market adjustment of more than 20%. Moreover, when the downward adjustment is made, the pace is very slow, and there is very little trading; while the upward rebound is very urgent, and there are many transactions. The foundation of the display of the property market is very solid, and even the Sino-US relationship has undergone fundamental changes, and it has not been able to shake people’s preference for holding property.

According to frontline colleagues, the recent situation of buyers rushing into the market is close to madness. As long as the owners are willing to sign and sell, they have repeatedly reversed the price, and the buyers have resisted the situation. There is a new one, the same unit is being looked at by nearly ten buyers at the same time. The developer does not know who to sell to, and asks the bidders to like to play the lottery or guess the package. As a result, most people choose to guess the package. When selling a building, you have to guess the package. I believe that the first-hand residential property sales supervision bureau has not thought about it. I wonder if it will be regulated in the future. This kind of thing is really rare in the world.

Some people may find it strange. Doesn’t it mean that property prices in Hong Kong have risen to the highest in the world and are out of touch with the purchasing power of Hong Kong people? Why are there so many people buying? The reason is actually very simple. It is only because the supply of private buildings in Hong Kong is less than 1% of the total number of households in Hong Kong. Therefore, property prices do not need to be affordable for all Hong Kong people. Only 1% of high-income families in Hong Kong intend to buy flats in the same year. This is enough to digest the supply of the year. The Government must reverse this situation. By increasing the supply and adding the result of the hottest, it will only be self-defeating, and there will be no shortage of people in the second-hand market.