The trade talks are progressing smoothly. Hong Kong stocks have been bombarded for 700 days

The trade talks are progressing smoothly. Hong Kong stocks have been bombarded for 700 days.

The Sino-US trade talks have progressed. The Shanghai Composite Index rose 1% yesterday, approaching the 3100-point mark, driving the HSI to close at a full-day high and regaining 10 days and 20 antennas. The Hang Seng Index rebounded nearly 700 points in two days, and the short-term high-level consolidation will challenge the 29000 level.

Hong Kong stocks opened up with the periphery yesterday, opening 256 points to 28,760 points, regaining 10 antennas (about 28,759) and 20 antennas (about 28,635). Later, there were reports that Vice Premier Liu He and US Treasury Secretary Yu Qin talked. The key issues in the text of the trade agreement were negotiated, and the growth rate of Hong Kong stocks continued to rise. It once rose 420 points. Eventually, the Hong Kong stock market closed at 28,920 points, up 417 points or up 1.46%, with a turnover of 109 billion yuan. The H-Share Index closed at 11466 points, up 1.68% or up 189 points. The market is closely watching the “Study Conference" recently held and signed the implementation agreement, but the timetable is undecided, and there is news of the extension.

Tencent AIA pushed the HSI to about 100 points

Hong Kong stocks rose more than 1,100 shares yesterday. Tencent Holdings (700) regained 360 yuan, together with AIA (1299) rose 1%, pushing up the HSI by about 100 points, China Mobile (941) rose nearly 2%, and HKEx (388) rose by 3%. The four major state-owned commercial banks, China Ping An (2318) and China Life Insurance (2628) rose nearly 1% to 2%.

US technology stocks performed well, Hong Kong technology followed the rebound. Two of the blue-chip mobile phone equipment stocks saw funds catching up. Sunny Optical (2382) closed up 0.8% to 92.8 yuan; Ruisheng Technology (2018) rose 1.48% to 47.95 yuan. . In addition, Hon Hai Group said that it did not infringe on Microsoft’s rights and interests. Hon Hai’s Fuzhikang (2038) rose 1% to 0.97 yuan; Hongteng Precision (6088) rose 0.51% to 3.87 yuan.

In addition, major Chinese property stocks generally rose, with Country Garden (2007) and Sunac China (1918) rising more than 4%. Pork-related stocks were speculative. Wanzhou International (288) rose 6%, the biggest blue-chip gainer. Wison International (1340) and Yurun Food (1068) both rose more than 10%.

If you make up the last week, you can challenge the high position.

In the near-term trend of Hong Kong stocks, investors should pay attention to the short-term adjustment of A-shares or affect the performance of Hong Kong stocks. He Jiajun, general manager of investment management of Zhuhai Jinfeng Chuangyi believes that although the increase of the Shanghai Composite Index has narrowed, the market conditions are still active, especially the individual stocks are rising sharply. The short-term material is expected to have a higher resistance above 3000 points. Investors should pay attention to the market may consolidate. . The Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3060 points yesterday, and the total transaction volume exceeded RMB 1 trillion again.

In terms of technical trends, the analysis suggests that if the Hong Kong stock market is short-term, it can make up the gap of 28,533 to 28,772 points formed on Friday. The Hang Seng Index is expected to challenge the 29000 level. In terms of support, the HSI should not fall below the 28,000 to 28300 points in the volume-intensive area.