Baiju II simultaneous push quota increased to 3,000

Baiju II simultaneous push quota increased to 3,000

The Housing Authority will launch the latest phase of Home Ownership Scheme in May. It is also planning to accept a new round of “White Form Home Ownership Scheme Secondary Market Scheme” in May for the purchase of HOS Qualified Persons to avoid land premium purchase. Second-hand HOS flats. It is learnt that the Housing Authority has proposed a new round of White House 2 to increase the quota to 500 to 3,000. The Administration also proposes to allow individual buyers of the White House to be insolvent and other special circumstances. They can apply to the HD for the first two years after the exemption. Second market resale unit restrictions.

If bankruptcy can be exempted from resale restrictions

The news pointed out that the new round of Bai Ju 2 will accept applications in May this year and will be in August. In December this year, a letter of approval will be issued to eligible applicants to apply for a “Certificate of Purchasing”. It is reported that the Housing Authority has proposed that the quota for the new round of Baiju II be increased to 3,000, an increase of 500 from 2,500 last year, and the ratio of households and one-person applicants is nine to one. In contrast to the past, the Administration intends to simplify the application process. Bai Ju 2 and HOS use the same application form. Applicants can choose to apply for HOS, BAI II or both. However, the two schemes will be mixed.

According to the information, the two-income income and asset limits also follow the HOS, that is, two or more white-headed households. After the monthly income limit is deducted from the MPF, the income limit is $58,000 and the asset limit is $2.01 million. The monthly income and asset limits of single applicants are 29,000 yuan and 1.05 million yuan respectively. The application fee is 160 yuan. The news also pointed out that the authorities considered that the buyers of Baiju II may face bankruptcy, and it is difficult to repay the mortgage due to the large drop in income. It is proposed to allow the relevant buyers to apply to the HD for the first two years after the exemption transaction. Restrictions on market resale units.

According to the information, both the Home Ownership Scheme and the White House will launch an electronic application service. Apart from submitting applications in paper form, applicants can also apply online. As the applicants are required to obtain the eligibility criteria from the estate office, the applicant will contact the applicant and verify the household information after applying the confirmation email. The applicant and family members are required to return the signed electronic form to the management office to be confirmed.