Truth is true: the rise in property prices has just begun

Truth is true: the rise in property prices has just begun

Last year, the price of the last floor was adjusted. Many people think that the price of the property will be upgraded. I think it is a “false fall". Those who are not on board should take the opportunity to enter the market.

The definition of “false fall" at that time was “when the property price fell, it was the accumulation of purchasing power." It was different from the evaporation of purchasing power when the market fell. The result of the accumulation of purchasing power was of course the property price rebounded soon after. The downturn is actually just a turning point in an uptrend. This is a “fake downtrend." It is a mistake to treat this turning paragraph as a true downtrend. The data today proves that my view is correct.

I want to continue to share my latest views on the property market. I think that in the next two or three months, it will be a real property price increase. We can see on the numbers that we need to further reduce the supply! For example, the Tuen Mun District, which is operated by the author, has a tendency to continue to decline regardless of rent or sale. In particular, the increase in rent caused by the decrease in rent is the most basic rigid purchasing power. Every time after 2009, the “Long City Phase I” (In the rising period of purchasing power release) there will be a decrease in second-hand sales, so I think the upswing should have just begun, and property prices should break the new high last year.

Of course, I also believe that after the new high, the government will intervene in the market again, so entering the market should be advancing and retreating. It should not be blindly pessimistic or optimistic.

In the future, the property market will continue to alternate between “Long City Phase I" and “Long City Phase II" (prices are adjusted). I emphasize that whether using peaks or valleys to calculate, it should be high waves! Buying a property in the current low-interest period is still a very attractive investment.