The Kowloon Tong luxury three-bedroom home was frequently accepted by the users

The Kowloon Tong luxury three-bedroom home was frequently accepted by the users.

The traditional Kowloon Tong luxury residential area has a stable floor. In February, about 15 transactions were recorded in the whole district. The easy-to-hand units are mainly tiered households, which are distributed in old luxury houses such as Bi Lige and Avon Garden. In addition, the newer building is older. There are even more platform-specific households, with a change of 55 million. The foreign housing estate Xiaoyuan has more than 5,000 square-footed houses, with more than 157 million.

Lei Ruiguang, senior divisional business director of Zhongyuan Real Estate, said that the number of luxury residential buildings in the Kowloon Tong area has returned to the level of January. The recent buyers are dominated by users, with a target price of about 10 million to 50 million. Of the 15 transactions in the district, there were 12 transactions for this silver code. Of course, there are also some big silver codes.

With 261 square gardens and 413 square platforms, 4 rooms are separated, and the market is about 3 or 4 months. The original price is 58 million, and the final price is 55 million. The price is 37,187 yuan. The original owner was purchased in 2014 for 46.20 million. At present, there is only one release of Yi Yi, and the asking price is as high as 65 million.

According to the information, the estate has only two transactions last year. It is located at the lower level of 1473 square units, with a turnover of 45 million and a price of 30,550 yuan. The 1661 square of the high-rise is set off at 60 million, with a price of 36,123. yuan.

Zhong Kunwen, director of the regional business of Midland Realty, said that another large silver code super mansion in the Kowloon Tong District was sold as a bungalow in Xiaolanyuan, No. 15 Lancashire Road. The utility area is 5005 square meters, 5 rooms are separated, and 4 parking spaces are available. The original offer price was about 190 million yuan, and the final price was 157.68 million yuan, and the price was 31,504 yuan.

It is understood that the original owner in 2001 smashed about 41.5 million to buy the site, and transferred the book to earn about 116.18 million, an appreciation of about 2.8 times. The registration of the first sale of the estate has been traced back to February last year. The saleable area of ​​the house is about 5062 square feet, with a turnover of about 139.8 million and a price of 27618 yuan.

Zhong Kunwen also pointed out that in addition to the houses and special units, the general tiered units are selling at a price of about 15 million to 25 million. The recent hands-on units in this silver code include the lower floor of the Avon Garden with No. 2 Fan Xin Da Dao. Room, 926 square meters of practical area, 3 rooms and workers’ suites, even 1 parking space, in November last year, the price was 15.98 million, slightly reduced by 980,000, with 15 million transactions, the price of 16,199 yuan.

There are not many sources in the building. Currently, it is located in the E room of the upper level. The utility area is 595 square meters, 3 rooms are separated, and even 1 parking space is available. The asking price is 12 million yuan, and the price of each party is 20168 yuan.

Bi Lige with a parking space of 12.73 million for sale of Zhongyuan Real Estate Senior Division Manager Ma Weijian revealed that it has recently promoted the B2 room of Block B of Bili Court, No. 32 Broadcasting Road, with a practical area of ​​802 square meters, 3 rooms and 2 halls, and a street view of Broadcast Street. 12.37 million even the parking space changed hands, and the price was 15,873 yuan. The original owner purchased it for 6.72 million parking spaces in November 1997. It is now making a turnover of 6.01 million and an appreciation of about 90%.

There are not many Tai Po No. 1 in Beacon Hill, which sells 46 million in Kowloon Tong District. Among them, there are about 600 people in Beacon Hill. It is already a large scale in the district. In February, there were 2 transactions, including 11 High-rise room A, 1104 square, with a parking space of 37.5 million changed hands, the price of 33,967 yuan. Another 10 high-rise A rooms, with a practical area of ​​1,456 square feet, with a parking space of 46 million, with a price of 31,593 yuan. There are about 40 flats in the housing estates, and the 3 squares with a saleable area of ​​about 1100 square meters have an admission price of about 28 million.