Mobil owners worry about the law

Mobil owners worry about the law

The social contradictions have deteriorated. The Kai Tak land has been abandoned by the consortium. Some owners of the second-hand property market are bearish on the prospects and the price is reduced. The owners of the Mei Fung Estate in Lai Chi Kiu are worried that the “Send" Ordinance will affect the property market in Hong Kong. The price of the property will be reduced. However, on the other hand, the property market is still under-resourced.

Recently, social contradictions have deteriorated. Hong Kong’s amateur cypress said that some owners are worried that the “send to the middle" Ordinance will affect the property market in Hong Kong.

7.6 million change hands

Low market price 5%

Room A, High Floor, No. 107, Broadway Street, Meifu New Village, with a usable area of ​​504 square meters. The original owner called the price of 7.98 million yuan. The final decision will be made because of the anxiety and fugitives regulations, which will make the society feel uneasy and affect the property market performance. Or 4.8%, to 7.6 million yuan out of the unit, the price of 15,079 yuan, the low price of 5%. In May 2010, the original owner purchased the unit for 3 million yuan, and the buyer held the goods for nine years. This time, the book was earned 4.6 million yuan and the value was increased 1.5 times. Meifu New Village has temporarily recorded 3 transactions so far this month, with an average price of about 14,000 yuan.

reputation. Harbour price is 20,000 new high

Kai Tak commercial land was abandoned by the consortium, but the surrounding San Po Kong reputation. The harbor has set a new record for high prices. Midland Realty Hu Shanheng said that Yu. Room A, High Floor, Block 2B of Harbour, with a usable area of ​​454 square feet, with a building area of ​​about 580 square feet. It is reported that the unit owner originally offered a price of 9.8 million yuan, reduced to 9.28 million yuan, a decrease of 5.3%, and a practical price of 20,441 yuan, a new high in the same area. It is understood that the original owner purchased in March 2010 for 4,037,500 yuan, and the turnover of the book was about 5,242,500 yuan, an appreciation of about 1.3 times.

Room A, Block 7, Phase 2, Phase 2, Tsing King Wan, Tsing Yi, is a three-room building unit of the estate. The saleable area is 856 square feet. The original owner’s asking price was $17.5 million. After the price reduction of $8.2 million, it was sold at $16.68 million. The price of the building price of the building was 16.62 million yuan higher than 2%, and the practical price was 19,486 yuan, both in the high price and the silver code.