Ten housing estates open for only two days

The government will issue a policy address on Wednesday, with second-hand buyers waiting to see the atmosphere, the top ten housing in the past Saturday, only recorded 8 transactions, fell nearly half by week. While property prices were individual development, Lai Chi Kok Mei Fu Village has two homes to similar new high price of 8.85 million sold.

Mobil Village has two units sold for 8.85 million, expected for the new indicators.

The Central Plains said that the top ten housing transactions in the past two days and then by 46.7% by week, including Quarry Bay Taikoo Shing, Ap Lei Chau South Horizons and Shatin first city and other half of the housing market did not see the transaction.

Chen Yongjie, the bank, said that the forthcoming policy address would be expected to implement the specific contents of the first car on the board, and the second-hand price would be directly affected.

Mobil two rooms 8.85 million new indicators

Market pointed out that the United States and Fu Village 6, Heng Park Road, No. 36, the middle of A room, the effective area of ​​689 square feet to 8.85 million yuan sold, the two housing prices are new housing prices, practical price of 12,845 yuan per square foot. Homestead Lin said that the Tuen Mun Haicui Garden, a high-rise B room two-room sea view units, the practical area of ​​521 square feet, the investment to 58.68 million yuan to undertake, practical price of 11,263 yuan to achieve a new house high.

Nanfeng Village 580 million low this year

However, the housing policy is unknown, the market is not a side of the city, there are individual owners decided to first low-cost cash. Zhongyuan Yang Wenjie said, a quarry Bay Nanfeng Village, a low-level B room, the effective area of ​​391 square feet, only 5.8 million yuan sold, practical price of 14,934 yuan, the unit twenty-one year appreciation of about 3.742 million yuan. The price of the premises is lower for this year.

Tianshui Wai Jiahu Villa two-bedroom units are also insured 4 million yuan off, Xiang Yi Xie Li official said, the house music Lake 8 low-rise F room, accumulated 4 price of 26 million to 4.04 million yuan, practical Price of $ 8,998.