Cheung Sha Wan to show the real estate market confidence

Chen Dongyue Hong Kong Professional Association Executive Vice Chairman and Registered Professional Surveyor (Industry Survey)

The 19th National Congress shows the world the strategy of building a prosperous Chinese economy for the next century. With Hong Kong’s backing of the motherland, the property market has shown more confidence in the near future. 75% of the property in the Central Center changed hands for $ 40.2 billion. The buyer includes a number of local investors. The major shareholder is the China State Energy & Chemical Corporation. This is the single largest deal in real estate since the opening of Hong Kong. In addition, developers actively inhaled land for residential development property development, but also showed promising market outlook. Lands Department announced the development of residential land in Cheung Sha Wan Estate. The consortium formed by Sino Land, Wheelock, Shimao, Ka Wah and Java Group to 172.88 Hundreds of millions of dollars voted to create a new “king of land." The price per square foot is about $ 17,500, which is about $ 14,000 to $ 16,000 above the second-hand value of the West Kowloon Dragons in the same district. “Flour" is more expensive than “bread."

Unobstructed view of the sea Cortical superior quality

The verdict of Linhai residential land in Cheung Sha Wan was approved. The site area is about 208,000 square feet and the gross floor area is about 988,000 square feet. It is estimated that over 1,000 units will be constructed. Its advantageous conditions are that the basin has a rectangular shape with no frontage of West Kowloon Coastal Landscape and more sea-view units tailored to the design of buildings. In terms of road traffic, the nearby expressways reach all districts in Hong Kong, Kowloon, the New Territories and the border customs and airports Conveniently located by foot from the West Rail Nanchang Station about 5 to 10 minutes walk. The terms of the land sales require developers to provide at their own expense a public space of not less than 38,750 square feet of area within the project area and to provide a promenade area on the waterfront of the land at their own expense and return it to the government for management upon completion. In addition to reflecting the superior quality of the land itself, it also reflects the optimism of local developers on the prospects of the Hong Kong property market. In addition to Shimao, the consortium is a veteran local developer. The joint venture consortium to diversify the risk, bidding ahead show signs of victory.

Developers Di Hao market outlook to undertake

Based on the average floor price, plus the construction fee and the need to provide public space at its own expense and the promenade for public use, the estimated selling price per square foot of the project will be over $ 30,000. At present, the transparency of the market is high. The information on real estate transactions in the real estate market is easy to read in the media. I believe the new transaction price will certainly stimulate the construction costs of various housing estates in the district and the territory.

Good land prices, from developers to buy at Liangdian innovative price, to prove that they expect the market outlook will have the ability to do so. Some commenters said that for people who can not get on the bus, the community should pay more attention to the fact that property prices are getting more and more disconnected from the affordability of the general public. There is even more concern about the expansion of household financial risk caused by “parenting" property. However, government land sales can not control the prospective buyers of what price to reach the reserve price or more will be for sale. In other words, it is impossible for the government to control land prices while selling land. As for the control of property prices, in fact, the spicy move has been very hot.

Should actively study to increase the supply of land

I agree that the government can do more relief measures. Some media calculations this year has reached 127.6 billion yuan for sale of warehouses, an increase of more than 435 billion yuan over the 84.1 billion yuan last year. It seems that the next fiscal year budget There should be a more relaxed state and the resources available to the government will be more than this year. It may be possible to allocate more resources to assist the general public in unsatisfactory living conditions so as to enhance their quality of life. The question of whether to increase more public subsidized housing depends on where the long-term land supply will come from.

In order to increase supply and stabilize prices, the Government is trying its best to find ways to increase the available land supply. However, it has been opposed by various reasons, including environmental protection considerations, which include the development of country park fronts, the rezoning of green areas, The opposition raised by the United States, the United States, the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom, the United Republic of Korea and the United Republic of Korea have all pointed out that these problems can not be solved by the inadequacy of the land. They even questioned the fueling property prices. In any case, there should be a consensus in the community on the need for future land supply. We should actively study ways of increasing the land and put into operation a viable solution quickly. ■ entitled Editor’s Plan. This version of the article, the author’s personal opinion, does not represent the newspaper’s position.