September to start private homes fell 44%

According to the latest data released by the Buildings Department yesterday, a total of 2 private housing projects in Hong Kong started in September 2017, involving a total of 915 units, down 44% from 1,646 in August. In the first three quarters of this year, the cumulative construction volume reached 16,005 units, In the same period, the number of 15,204 partners increased by 5% to a record high of 17 years from 2001 onwards. However, on a quarterly basis, only 3,424 jobs were started in the third quarter of this year, down nearly 7% quarter-to-quarter. This reporter comprehensive report

Chen Hai Chao, director of real estate research at Ricacorp, said that the volume of private housing construction started to decline, although the number of start-ups in the first three quarters of this year already accounted for 81% of the total figure for the whole year of last year, the most in the same period in 17 years. It is estimated that there will still be a number of large- The project is expected to commence, including the management of the Guan Cui Road Project in Area 56 of Tuen Mun involving 1,982 people, the Innovation Road at Pak Shek Kok in Tai Po involving 1,408 persons and the Wat Road Project in Area 56 in Tuen Mun (1,154 persons) It has been approved by the Buildings Department for construction and ready for construction.

September private home completed only 481 partners

According to the latest monthly information bulletin released by the Buildings Department, a total of 4 private residential projects were completed in September this year. A total of 481 units were completed, a 59% drop from 1,183 in August. In the third quarter of this year, 4,128 Unit completed, a decrease of 6.6% on a quarterly basis. However, a total of 12,917 private homes were completed in the first nine months of this year with an average of 1,435 units per month, representing 18% and 53% respectively higher than the average of 1,216 and 940 units for the whole year of last year and the previous year respectively. This shows that the number of completed projects is steadily increasing.

Information shows that in September a total of four private residential projects in Hong Kong were officially completed. The larger project is NAPA in Tuen Mun, involving 460 units; followed by 90 Repulse Bay Road involving 11 units; and the rest include Scheme C (7 units) and On the 15th, Ting Tao Estate, Siu Lam, was completed during the period.

Chen Haichao said that the first three quarters of private housing completions accounted for about 75% of the estimated completion of the DDA (17,120 budgets). If the fourth quarter monthly completed capacity can maintain the current level (an average of about 1,400 units per month) There is a good chance of reaching your forecast.

New Tin Shui Wai project to build 40 buildings

In addition, a total of 23 building plans were approved in September for the BD. Among them, a total of 40 buildings were approved for construction in Region 115 of Tin Shui Wai, which was acquired by SHK Land (0016) for $ 1,968 million in mid-2014, including 10 two-storey High-rise houses, 10 5-storey high-rise buildings and 20 10-storey residential buildings with a total residential floor area of ​​1.02 million square feet and an additional 19,500 square feet of non-residential floors.

Cheung Kong (1113) voted $ 1,953 million last year for the land at Li Ping Road, Kau To Shan, Sha Tin. It has approved the construction of 22 two-storey high-rise houses and two 20 to 21-storey high-rise buildings with a total residential floor area of ​​244,300 square feet . Wing Tai (0369) took the lead in the development of the Tai Lam project at Castle Peak Road in Tuen Mun and was approved to build two 10-storey residential buildings with a gross floor area of ​​approximately 293,600 square feet.

New World (0017) Hoi Tin Water Depot, Nos. 74 to 74C and You Man House, Ho Man Tin, New Territories (0012), was approved to build a 27-storey commercial and residential property with a residential floor area of ​​84,500 square feet There are 10,500 square feet of commercial floor.

Lafayette International (1212) acquired No. 2 of Kai Tak 1E at a cost of 7.388 billion yuan last year. The site will be developed in two phases. Site A is approved to build 18-storey commercial property with a floor area of ​​525,500 square feet and site B approved 19-storey commercial property with a gross floor area of ​​about 536,000 square feet.