Xin Di even push the first two sets of Xuan Xuan Hai Xuan tenders tender inspection required 7 million votes Huixi Ⅱ 563 million approach eight months expensive 15%

The property market explodes, the new disk Pengchao attack, the new site (00016) two major headlines Nanchang Station cover Xi Xi and North Cape sea cape! In the first half of September 2008, the first batch of 238 units of Huaxi Ⅱ had an open admission of 5.63 million yuan, an average price of 21,152 yuan per square meter, representing an increase of 4.99 million yuan and 18,998 yuan, or 15% And 11%, the fastest selling next week; with the Department of the first batch of 10 sea-Xuan push the tender, there is no guide price, flat inspection passengers need to pay 7 million tickets to obtain tickets.

Ta Kung Pao reporter Liang Yingxian

Cheung Sha Wan 17.3 billion King released, near the site of the Xi Xi Ⅱ food positive effect offer yesterday. Xintiandi, Managing Director of Thunder said that the first issue of Huaxi Ⅱ 238 units, a discount of 21,152 yuan on average, is described as an immediate action price because the nearby Cheung Sha Wan land is sold at a high price, the attractiveness of the project is obvious The market will move quickly.

Borrow Wangwang expected next weekend sale

Thunder also said that a total of 1188 Huixi II, tentatively before the introduction of only 500 partners, supply is limited, coupled with the king led the future there is a certain price increase.

Chen Hailin, general manager of Shindeu Property Agency, said that the first batch of open-to-standard two-bedroom and four-bedroom apartments provides developers with a 20% discount and an additional fixed amount of cash rebate for each apartment type (except for four rooms) Customers who have drawn Tour Xi I successfully purchased this disc for an additional 1.5% cash rebate. If you deduct 20% for the discount amount, the admission of open-ended unit 563.56 million, a discount of 20,719 yuan foot price.

Project receipt and opening up today demonstration unit, the fastest sale next weekend, plan divided into two groups picking. The price list shows 238 market capitalization of about 2.6 billion yuan and salable area of ​​272-1338 square feet with a price of 709 to 41.569 million yuan, a discount of 5.6356 million yuan to 33.2552 million yuan; a price of 24080-30610 yuan Yuan), with an average foot price of 26439 yuan, a discount of 21152 yuan, compared with the first batch of Huaxi Ⅰ in March this year, 210 units, an average of 18,998 yuan per square foot, eight months selling expensive 11%.

Of which the flat is the third floor, Block B, 6th Floor, Room G, open area, practical area of ​​272 square feet, priced at 7.098 million yuan, 5.6356 million yuan after the reduction, compared to the first phase of the first batch of flat 1B, 10th Floor, Room D, practical 270 Sq ft, a discount of 4,917,100 yuan, 18,212 yuan per square foot, admission fees eight months expensive 15% or 760,000 yuan.

Centaline Asia Pacific Vice President and Residential Minister Chen Yongjie said that the pricing of Huaxi Ⅱ attracted the first batch of March this year, the first batch of contractions with an average price of 18998 yuan compared with the second-hand house price index and the cumulative increase of 11.8% this year, similar to , But Xiuxiu Ⅱ is a new project, next year, occupation, with considerable potential, and Xi Xi Ⅱ flexible payment methods, in line with the needs of developers, the asking price is attractive.

Close to second-hand fare

In the secondary market, the average practical footscale price in Manhattan Hill now stands at over $ 20,000. The price per square foot of Olympic Station Station One Silver Sea and Imperial Peak Court is over $ 21,000. The floor price per square foot of Cheung Sha Wan is over $ 17,000. It is even more obvious that Bidding II has an absolute advantage. With the diversification of project size, it is believed that a new round of panic buying can be set off.

Xintiandi another highlight of North Point Sea Xuan, bidding sales arrangements on the same day exposure. The first to launch the first batch of 10 test water temperature, including a 10, 11 A and B, and two 10, 11, 12 A, B room, practical area from 1173 to 1599 square feet, all to the sea three, Four-room mansion, the tender period from the 24th of this month to December 11, if the unit failed to sell once, the closing date will be extended to December 22nd.

According to the application form, every visitor who visits the exhibition hall in IFC 1 Central Central, which is not allowed to take pictures or video in the exhibition hall, must complete the application form and pay two cashier’s orders A copy of each promissory note 3,500,000 yuan, that is, involving 7,000,000 yuan as a ticket to visit the applicant must be submitted along with a copy of the business card. A total of seven cashier tickets for each group of visitors, up to six people. The form shows that applicants must fill in whether they are permanent residents of Hong Kong or they may choose not to fill in the professions and titles. The questionnaire section must indicate whether the property has been purchased in the past and the number of houses currently owned.

Xuan Xuan sellers do not set a guide price

Thunder said that this batch of Hai Xuan this batch belong to the precious property of the sea, visitors need to submit a 3.5 million promissory note of the flat inspection arrangement is suitable. As for the ability to replace the promissory notes with the same value of assets, Chen Hanlin said that all decisions by the tender documents, and no guidance price. In fact, certain luxury flats under the New Territories must also present their promissory notes when accepting an appointment for inspection of their flat in the past. This will eliminate the “white strokes" of passengers and highlight the value of the project.