Hui buckwheat cut off 700 tickets for sale today

Among them, Shaxi Huihui intercepted about 700 votes yesterday, recording an over-subscription and was on sale today. The developer said that the project attracts tourists from the district, among whom are many hand-held guests Votes, do not rule out the price increase in the short term plus push.

HongAn development of the Hui buckwheat, since the announcement of the price list, the market reacted well, the market means that the project yesterday intercepted about 700 votes, Friday devaluation 105 buddy, recorded about 5.6 times oversold, the current ticket holders to use Home-based, many young guests, there is no lack of branch families in Sha Tin.

Wong On-hong, a director of business development at Hong On Estate, said that as many as half of the total visitors were attracted by the projects, the number of passengers in the zone was more than half, with no increase in the short-term price increases. For the recent offer of several new trades, the yellow fingers and the number of new trades are quite common during the same period of sale. Therefore, they are not worried about the impact on sales and believe that there are not many projects to be launched and are confident in sales.

Proposed short-term price increases plus push

The plate is located in Tsim Sha Tsui commercial units within the demonstration unit, continue to attract a lot of prospective buyers to visit and vote, the scene flow of crowds, the visit was good.

In addition to the first list of 68 units, the earlier price increase of 3% of the plate plus 37 units, an average price of 18,798 yuan real fold, the lowest pricing for a Wing 6th Floor Room D03, an area of ​​252 square feet, priced at 5.332 million yuan, About 21,159 yuan per square foot; deduct up to 10% discount, the price of about 47988800 yuan, the price of about 19043 yuan. Pricing up to 1 wing Room A02 11th Floor, an area of ​​476 yuan, priced at 9.621 million yuan, the price of about 20212 yuan; deduct up to 10% discount, the discount price of about 8,658,900 yuan, about 18,190 yuan foot price.