My Central tweets subscriber tenders

My Central, a Central-based developer of Cheung Kong, has just announced its sales arrangements and the low-rise households who canceled their business earlier are now re-selling their products in a bidding form.

My Central yesterday announced the latest sales arrangements, the launch of the 7th floor F Room tender, an area of ​​679 square feet, 2 rooms separated by next Monday (20) 10 am the tender and the same day at 2 pm closing the tender the entire time of 4 hours . According to transaction records show that units earlier to 1977.7 million sold, but the buyer canceled the transaction earlier.

MOUNT NICHOLSON eight partners cut

By Wharf and Nan Fung cooperation and development, Wheelock real estate sales responsible for the Peak MOUNT NICHOLSON No. 3, according to the spokesman said the tender yesterday launched the eight stratified households at 4 o’clock yesterday has been cut off, and will be based on internal The program reviews the tender details and announces the results later.

asking price of 28,508 yuan per foot off

Sai Ying Pun, a development project started by the New World, started offering prices for 50 units at a discount of 28,508 yuan per sq ft. The unit area ranged from 199 to 462 square feet including an open space to 2 bedrooms with a discount price of $ 5,872,000. Among them, it is an open plan apartment on the 31st floor, Room J, with an area of ​​221 square feet, a discount of RMB 802.69 million and a reduced price of 36,321 yuan per square foot, challenging new open-door high prices in the area. There are 2 types of payment options, including a 120% payment for a 2% discount on property prices. A 3% discount on property prices for buyers who are eligible for the purchase, a purchase by purchasers on a personal or by relatives’ A unit will receive an additional 1% transaction cash rebate, and the other stamp duty concessions.

In addition, yoo 18 Bonham, a new site in Mid-Levels West, has released floor books ranging from 1228 to 3721 square feet with model units open during the month.