Cheung Sha Wan Green House 42% off sale

The new phase of 42% of the green home sales details released, 2,545 units of the price ranged from 932,500 to 306,200 yuan, the next month to accept the application, the green meter family pays the most in the first phase of 47,000 yuan, you can get on the train.

It is learnt that the Housing Department intends to introduce a special arrangement. The green form family who lost 52% of the HOS flats can be automatically included in the “Large Lucky Draw". There is no need to fill in the form and the application fee is waived. The Chairman of the Housing Authority Subsidised Housing Unit, Mr Wong Wai-fai, considers the practice to be convenient.

According to the new housing policy announced by the Government this year, the news is that Green House, which is located at the junction of Tai Wan Wan and Tai Po Wan Road, will be priced at 42% off the market value. After the Housing Department has consulted the neighbouring HOS flats, Lai Chi Kok, “Four Little Dragons" and Mei Foo Sun Chuen, it is proposed that the average price will be $6,243 after the discount. The larger units will only have about $3 million to trade. As the Green Watch people only need to pay 5% of the property price for the first phase, that is, the greenest house in this issue will be sold at the lowest price of 930,000 yuan. The first phase only needs about 47,000 yuan to get on the train.

Accepting applications next month, 30% of the larger units

According to the news, the current unit area of ​​green housing is about 184 to 452 square feet, of which about 443 square feet are larger than about 747, accounting for nearly 30%. Most of them belong to two rooms; the rest have one room and open type. In this year’s Green Home, the application will be accepted in December, for a period of two weeks. At that time, the Housing Department will set up a demonstration unit model at a shopping mall in Kwun Tong for public visits. It is expected that the project will be circulated in February next year and the building will be selected in March.

In terms of resale restrictions, the current Green House buyers will not be able to resell in the open market for the first five years. If they resell within the first two years of the property purchase, they can only sell to the Green Form buyers nominated by the Housing Authority at the original price. From the third year of the property purchase, the unit can only be resold to the Green Form buyers in the second market.

It is reported that most of the applicants who have applied for the green form of the current 52% HOS flats should be transferred to Green House. Therefore, it is proposed to start a new arrangement for HOS and Green Estate starting this year to streamline the process. The Green Form family of the Sui Yu House will retain their application to the Green House project in the same year. The applicant is not required to re-submit the form and pay the application fee.