No. 37, Xiangdao Road, made 187,000 Asian houses are the most expensive

The price of Hong Kong’s super-luxury homes has once again tripled. It is owned by Wang Yao, chairman of Global Credit (01669), and a house on No. 37, Xiangdao Road, Southern District. The market has recently changed its ownership by way of equity transfer. The price is about 800 million yuan. The price is 187,617 yuan, which sets a new record for the price of Asian houses, and it is even more important for the 200,000 yuan mark.

Global Credit Chairman earned 360 million

The super-luxury house is getting more and more brave. The market is expected to carry out a single-day bidding on Friday (16th) for the new house (00016), the roof of the super-house project TWELVE PEAKS No. 1 house, the transaction price is expected to reach 175,735 yuan, and strive for the Asian house. The highest price of the throne. However, according to market news, a bungalow in No. 37, Xiangdao Road, Southern District, has a usable area of ​​4,264 square meters. On Tuesday (13th), the company changed its hands by way of equity transfer, and the price was about 800 million yuan. If the transaction is true, the price is 187,170 yuan. Yuan, the price of the price has set a new record for Asian houses.

The original owner purchased the unit through Max Asian Limited in 2011. The director of the company, Wang Yao, was the chairman of Global Credit. At that time, the purchase price was as high as 4.4018 billion yuan, and the price was over 1,0321.1 billion yuan. At that time, it also set a new record for the price of Asian foreign houses. After about 7 years of change, the book earned 3.5982 billion yuan (about 81.7%).

According to the information, the highest record for the price of Asian houses is the No. 3, No. 28, Hill Road, Peak, and the market was last year. At the end of last year, the gambling king, Ho Hung-soo, Kim Ho-hoo, or related parties, spent nearly $900 million through the “buy shell" (equity transfer). Purchased, the saleable area of ​​5,579 square meters, the price of up to 161,319 yuan, this time, the island of No. 37, Xiangdao Road, the old record significantly increased by about 16.3%.

According to the agent in the district, the above-mentioned No. 37, Island Road, with about 3,000 square meters of gardens, was put on the market for a long time. It was once sold in dark disk. The intention price was also 800 million yuan, meaning that the unit will eventually Change hands under zero bargaining.

It is worth mentioning that since the sale and purchase of the company is carried out in the form of equity transfer, the purchaser will be able to save up to 30% of the “spice" tax on property prices, involving taxes of up to about 240 million yuan, equivalent to more than 54.5 prices. 4.4 million yuan of Tianhuwei Jiahu Villa has a practical area of ​​446 square two-bedroom units.