No. 37, Xiangdao Road, the price of 188,000 Asian high

The super-luxury house has broken the sky price in the light market. The news indicates that a house in No.37, Xiangdao Road, Southern District has changed hands with the company’s equity transfer method. The price is about 800 million yuan, and the practical price is 188,000 yuan. The price of foreign houses is at a new high.

4264呎800 million 沽 company equity transfer

The property is House B, No. 37, Xiangdao Road, Southern District. The practical area of ​​the house is 4,264 square feet. Yesterday, the property was resold by way of equity transfer. The price was about 800 million yuan and the price was 187,617 yuan.

No. 37, Island Road, developed by Chuang Shi International (00367), has 4 bungalows, of which 3 have been sold. The above B-house was sold to Wang Yao, Chairman of Global Credit (01669) for $440 million in 2011. Has set a new record in Asia. The original industry hosted goods for 7 years, and the book earned 360 million yuan, an increase of 82%. As the buyer enters the market by way of company transfer, it can save up to 30% of the hot tax, involving 240 million yuan.

The last Asian housing estate price record was maintained by No. 28, Hill Hill Road, Peak. It was recorded in July this year for about $900 million. The price was 161,319 yuan. It was the second time that Xiangdao Road broke the Song Hill Road. Price record.