Kaihui received 4,800 votes

Kaihui received 4,800 votes.

The first phase of the Kwun Tong large-scale reconstruction project, Kaihui, was in full swing. As of last night, it received more than 4,800 votes. On Thursday (13th), it sold 488 households, over 8.8 times. The second-hand property market in the same district continued to be under pressure, with frequent price reductions. A high-rise sea view household in Ligang City, Kwun Tong changed hands by 7.4 million yuan, and the cost of the same area sea view unit fell by 17.8% in about 6 months.

In the first phase of Kaihui, which was led by Xinji (00083), the developer first demonstrated the three-bedroom demonstration unit yesterday. It is based on two 18-story M rooms. The practical area is 880 square meters, which is 3 bedrooms and suites.

Tian Zhaoyuan, co-director of the company’s sales department, said that the demonstration unit of the real estate has been open to date and has accumulated more than 30,000 visitors. Yesterday (10th), the demonstration unit has received more than 500 tickets in the first two hours. The project will be closed at 2 pm tomorrow (12th) and 488 people will be released on Thursday (13th) with a market value of about 7 billion yuan.

The developer said that as of 8 o’clock last night, Kaihui had received more than 4,800 votes in the first phase, over 8.8 times overtime, and 480 million yuan in frozen funds. The property is located at No. 33, Concord Street, Kwun Tong, providing 1025 gangs with a usable area of ​​452 to 1543 square meters. It is expected to enter the end of April 2021.

Laguna City Sea View Households fell by 2.1 million

Kaihui Phase I was attacked at a low price, and second-hand residents in the same district continued to sell at a reduced price. According to market news, Room C, Block 21, Ligang City, Kwun Tong, has a practical area of ​​517 square meters and two-bedroom households. It enjoys sea views. It was sold for 9.5 million yuan in August this year. In the past, the total amount of reduction was 2.1 million yuan (22.1%). ), to 7.4 million yuan, the price of 14313 yuan, the cost of the same area and enjoy the sea view of the 19 middle-floor C room, the transaction price of 9 million yuan in June this year fell 1.6 million yuan (about 17.8%). The cost of two-bedroom homes in Laguna City has fallen below the “seven balls" last month. Seven middle-floor G rooms have a practical area of ​​517 square meters. The view of Wangligang Park is 6.6 million yuan. The price is only about 12,766 yuan.

In addition, the 6th floor of Block B of Lantian Kaitian Building has a practical area of ​​469 square meters. The two rooms are separated by 5.5 million yuan. The price is 11727 yuan, which is 6.068 million yuan in the same area unit in August, and the selling price is 568,000 yuan. 9.4%).