The outlook for the property market is not too light

The outlook for the property market is not too light.

Recently, the property market has weakened. For some developers to sell new orders at low prices, Henderson Land (00012) executive director Huang Haoming said that he has always sold the property in response to market conditions, but does not rule out that some developers expect to return to the project as soon as possible, or consider the project. There are some issues concerning the proportion of dividends behind, and some developers may base their mainland background and want to transfer funds back to China as soon as possible. He stressed that Henderson’s prospects for the property market are not very light, and there is no need to compete for sales.

Asked about the development of real estate in Dawan District, Huang Haoming believes that in the future, Dawan District will become an innovation center in the world, have the opportunity to attract talents from science and technology, and the rise of emerging companies can create wealth. Hong Kong can attract relevant capital inflows and drive finance. And the insurance industry to increase the demand for office properties in Hong Kong. Mr Wong explained that in other bay areas, satellite population and property prices have risen far beyond the core cities. However, Hong Kong is different from other Bay Areas. For example, there is a “one country, two systems" factor. Property prices are also different from other bays. Area.

Liang Zhaoji, an adviser to HSBC Asia Pacific, mentioned that satellite city prices in San Francisco and the Japan Bay area have risen higher than those in core cities. The prospects are relatively good. Due to the accumulation of talents, the population of the Bay Area is growing faster than the whole country. In San Francisco Bay Area, 50% of the population is floating, that is, daily in and out of the Bay Area. The proportion of New York and Tokyo Bay Area is also 15% to 20%, while Hong Kong is less than 9%. The slow mobility of Hong Kong and the Mainland will affect the performance of the property market in the two places. The development factor of the Bay Area is to allow the population to move freely. Therefore, measures should be taken, such as simplifying the clearance system to facilitate the flow of people.