50 indicators for housing sales last week recorded 77 consecutive rises for 6 weeks

50 indicators for housing sales last week recorded 77 consecutive rises for 6 weeks

The second-hand market continued to rebound, mainly because the owners’ declines reached the buyer’s expectations, attracting a batch of users to pick up the goods, and after the new homes were released, some of them flowed into the hackers. The second-hand market has stimulated the buying and selling atmosphere to improve. Based on the data of the Li Kwai Court Property Branch, the 50 target housing estates in Hong Kong recorded 77 transactions in the last week (3/12 to 9/12), representing an increase of 66 cases from the previous week (26/11 to 2/12). 77%, for six weeks, and a 23-week high since the beginning of July this year.

According to the district, the trading volume of the index housing estates in the three districts recorded a two-litre drop in the third quarter. Among them, the growth of the Kowloon area was strong and the Hong Kong Island area also saw an increase. The trading volume of the New Territories was down against the market. Among them, 21 index housing estates in Kowloon last week recorded 33 transactions, which was 1.54 times higher than that of the week. Among them, Huangpu Garden recorded 6 consecutive transactions, which was 5 times higher than the previous week. There were also 5 transactions in Xinducheng. It also increased by 1.5 times on a weekly basis; Sheng Yue Ju and Fu Jing Tai also broke the zero transaction distress, and recorded 3 transactions in each week.

On the Hong Kong Island side, a total of 13 transactions were recorded in the eight indicator housing estates last week, an increase of 63% over the previous week’s eight cases. Among them, the blue-chip housing estates recorded 7 transactions in Taikoo Shing, which was more than 1.3 times higher than the previous three. Both Fengxin Village and Xinghua Village bid farewell to the fate of the previous week, with 2 and 1 trades respectively; one in each of the Lei King Wan, the Blue Bay Peninsula and the South Horizons; the remaining two estates in the district The Court, including Kornhill Garden and Grand Promenade, did not see a deal last week.

The 21 indicator housing estates in the New Territories recorded 31 transactions last week, down 31% from 45 in the previous week. The two major hot-selling estates in the district have seen a decline. Among them, the number of trading in the Kingswood Villas has decreased by 44%, from 18 in the previous week to 10, but it is still the highest among the territory-wide target housing estates; Sha Tin The number of cities was reduced from 9 to 7 and fell 22% on a weekly basis. The Yingwan Park, which performed well in the previous week, regained its momentum. Last week, only 3 transactions were recorded, which was 57% lower by week. In addition, among the 50 target housing estates in Hong Kong, a total of 21 estates recorded a “zero transaction" in the last week, representing a decrease of 12.5% ​​as compared with the 24 cases in the previous week. Among them, Hong Kong Island has two, while Kowloon and the New Territories each have 7 and 12 in total.

Chen Dawei pointed out that the market sentiment will pick up. The purchasing power of the backlog will be further released, which will benefit second-hand trading. However, we must pay attention to the development of Sino-US trade wars and the two major factors of US interest rate hike. It is expected that until the Christmas holiday, 50 indicators Housing performance is expected to remain stable and positive.