Welcome to the peak plate Wang expected prosperous second-hand static

A number of large-scale new developments are waiting to be announced in the Budget. Under the peak of this sale, developers are also expected to introduce different tax and mortgage discounts to attract buyers. There will be no shortage of second-hand and second-hand sales.

Multiple projects hit small and medium-sized households

Due to the Lunar New Year holiday season in February, developers slowed their push. According to market statistics, the number of first-hand transactions recorded a mere 490 (up to yesterday) as compared with a month-on-month drop of over 5 in January to make. On the other hand, although the secondary market has not been too prosperous, the trading volume has remained stable. The turnover of the 10 large estates recorded 9 transactions in the past two days, an increase of 1 over the previous weekend. However, there are still quite a few cases of high transaction price in the market.

In March, there are as many as 10 new listings expected to be launched. The number of new listings approaching 3,800 is definitely the peak selling season in the primary market. Several large-scale new sites have hit small and medium-sized flats.

Take MALIBU, Sunrise Cannes, Tseung Kwan O for example. It took the lead to upload a book of books yesterday and has the opportunity to become the leader of the Year of the Dog from 346 square feet. For the Pak Shek Kok Project in Tai Po and the King Sau Lane in Tuen Mun, From the open units, three large new disk are the main small units, apartment layout is more popular.

New discounts attract buyers to enter the market

Market participants expect various developers to compete for various tax and mortgage discounts, such as rebates and surrender of full ad valorem stamp duty or buyer stamp duty, mortgage schemes or the launch of 80% to 90% Limited prospective buyers into the market, the second-hand market there is no flexible payment arrangements here, second-hand owners will inevitably be beaten, I believe there will be first-hand in March, second-hand static situation.