HKEx shuttling 300 points at the end of the night stable 14.7 billion Yong tail 3 theme Zhang Yidong: the need to adhere to the long cattle process

A strong inflow of 14.7 billion funds to the HKEx (00388), auto and mobile phone equipment stocks 3 major themes to help Hong Kong stocks soared 231 points, and gradually regain early rally the gap, the first to stabilize the night 31500 points off.

Focus on blue-chip performance reserve rate hike

Analysis suggests that the market outlook to be concerned about the blue-chip performance of AIA (01299) and the new land (00016) and the impact of monetary policy statements by Powell, the new chairman of the Federal Reserve this week, on the U.S. dollar exchange rate and the U.S. debt performance, Reserve the latest rate hike. Zhang Yi Dong, who won the “Fortune" Hong Kong equity strategist at Industrial Securities, said investors need to stick to the long-term bull market in Hong Kong.

US stocks rose more than 200 points yesterday morning, and then narrowed. As of yesterday morning at 0:00, the night reported 31,504 points, down 10 points. HSBC (00005) ADRs listed in the US are trading at HK $ 0.05 lower than the closing prices in Hong Kong. The overall blue chip ADR is equivalent to a 3-point drop in the market.

Industrial Securities Global Chief Strategy analyst Zhang Yi Dong published a report, referring to the market most need to focus on two short-term events: (1) listing system reform, (2) Hong Kong stock performance tide. He believes that China plays are more likely to achieve better-than-expected results. He also believes that the innovation in the Hong Kong stock market is accelerating. This will help attract more core assets from emerging industries to come to Hong Kong and ultimately help Hong Kong stocks become China’s stock market international Board “and" NASDAQ. "

Mr Cheung is convinced that “there will be a longer-term correction in the consolidation of the slow-moving bull market." And judging that the Hong Kong stock market will continue its “bullish recession" in the first half of the year, investors should stick to the long-term bullish market for Hong Kong stocks and suggest that they pay attention to their performance Prospective industry leaders and valuation firms with “good value for money" growth stocks.

Listed on the new rules and regulations of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the most bullish look 400

Since the Hong Kong Stock Exchange announced its advisory opinion on the reform of the listing rules last Friday, it is generally accepted by the securities and trading community that the HKEx will benefit from the favorable investment climate and performance of the Hong Kong stock market, or even promote more futures products and derivatives on the market . CICC recently released a report reiterating HKEx 400 target price, the potential increase of 35%; Citigroup 330 refers to the index, maintaining the “buy" rating. HKEx shares rose 3.5% yesterday, a rare led the broader market, to close at 295.8 yuan.

South Hong Kong Stock Connect (Shanghai and Shenzhen) net inflow of 2.1 billion yuan yesterday, of which, the HKEx, Geely (00175) were attracted 410 million yuan and 290 million yuan; heavyweight Tencent (00700) went capital 350 million yuan, Adverse trends in the stock market fell more than 0.1%.

UBS Securities believes that relative to H-share market institutional investors, mainland institutional investors have a greater risk appetite for investment, stock exchange rates are also higher, and are better than foreign investment early in the first opportunity to take advantage of good news has sprouted Therefore, we believe that the scale of northwaters going southward this year will be larger than in the past and seek to diversify the risk of investing in A shares.

The Hang Seng Index closed at 31498 points, up 231 points. Stocks traded at 123.7 billion yuan.