A surplus of 140 billion record will not be sent to the entire budget The budget case to announce poor students or get 2000 yuan funding

The new “Budget" will be announced tomorrow. According to the sources, the government surplus this year amounted to 140 billion yuan, a record high, 8.5 times the annual profit forecast of 16.3 billion yuan last year. However, the news revealed that this year the government does not support the “purposeless and policyless" allocation of money by the whole people. It will only give targeted assistance to groups that are in particular need of assistance. One of them is to send 2,000 yuan to students from poor families at a time. At present, students who are rewarded under the means test will benefit.

Public rental housing without pay salaries tax cap up to 30,000

It is understood that apart from that the Budget will not send all the people money, the PRH households hope that the one-month lease-free sugar measures will be exhausted again. However, it is expected that the CSSA, Old Age Allowance, Old Age Allowance and Disability Allowance “double pay" will continue. In respect of taxation, the news is that the salaries tax rate will not be adjusted. However, if the children’s allowance and dependent parent allowance are increased or the chances are raised, the tax rebate will be maintained. The ceiling can be increased from $ 20,000 to about $ 30,000.

Chen Mubo published a blog on Sunday that the theme of this year’s Budget is to strengthen the healthcare system and to share care and love, especially to help groups in need. It is learned that the government has decided not to allow all the people to pay for the money. However, it intends to send 2,000 yuan each to students in poor families, whether kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools and university students, as long as they receive the tuition remission or grants from the Student Financial Assistance Agency Will benefit from the estimated 100 000 counties involved in public funds in the amount of $ 100 million. It is expected that 2018 to 2019 academic year can be released.

The last government set up a “future fund" to deal with possible future financial problems caused by the aging population. According to the news, Chen Mao-wave decided to maintain last year’s practice and will not inject surpluses into the fund.

Chief Executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, attended the luncheon luncheon in the Legislative Council yesterday. After the banquet hosted by Hong Kong’s education practitioner Ye Jianyuan on the same stage, Mrs Lam suggested that funding for education expenses would be increased. Some of the measures are expected to be mentioned in the Budget. He hopes the Budget can implement the new $ 5 billion in recurrent education commitments promised when he took office. That is, he added at least $ 1.4 billion beyond the provision of $ 3.6 billion in July last year. In the news that the government plans to distribute 2,000 yuan to those students in need, he thinks the amount is small, but it also depends on whether or not the government has any other means to provide assistance.

Primary schools implement “one school, one social worker"

It is learned that the government has the opportunity to announce in the Budget the optimization of “comprehensive student counseling service" for primary schools. The objective is to implement “one school for a social worker" in primary schools with a total amount of billions of dollars. However, due to the large number of different schools in each kindergarten, it is difficult to implement “one social worker per school", and the Government may increase resources to hire social workers from kindergartens. In addition, the authorities also plan to subsidize more social welfare agencies to set up child service centers in all five districts to help divorced parents contact their children.

Shao Ka-ching, a member of the social welfare sector, has questioned whether the “one school, one social worker" program in primary schools merely increases the current “omnidirectional learning plan" budget. The school may change from one staff member to another and may only employ social workers. “Possible Social workers). However, it can not solve the problem of “handymania" of social workers who have to take into consideration the different types of work in schools and the renewal of contracts every three years.

In the Budget Committee’s proposal, the convenor of the committee, Ng Yiu Fai Ji-kong, is targeted and disaffected to send money. “Centralized help should be given to the elderly, three-man and people with long-term medical needs." Michael McCarthy, an associate professor at the Department of Finance and Decision Sciences at Baptist University, pointed out that the external economy is beginning to turn and the fiscal revenue brought by the stock market may be reduced. The government should seize the opportunity to inject new impetus into the economy.