Cheung pushed nine projects involving more than 2800 people to attract gold King and then take the lead Repulse Bay house

Cheung Kong (01113), which sold over HK $ 50 billion in revenue last year, became a lovers of gold. This year, along with a total of 9 projects launched by the consignment department, it involved more than 2 800 units, of which 4 were new projects and 2424 were provided. The first shot of the new disk is at South Repulse Bay Road 90, a total of 11 houses, will debut next month. In addition, the group this year in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are expected to push 4 disk, involving more than 1,000 partners, the market value of more than 10 billion yuan.

Zhao Guoxiong: still aggressive attitude

Cheung Kwok-hung, Cheung Kong Executive Director, said the group’s sales revenue last year, more than 50 billion yuan, impressive performance, this year in Hong Kong will launch nine new disc, involving a total of over 2800 gang, of which four new projects involving a total of more than 2,400 gang. 90 of Repulse Bay Road is expected to be available for sale next month. There are 11 bungalows in the market. Due to the supply of small units and the shortage of luxury mansions in the past few years, luxury properties in Hong Kong are sought after by local and foreign tourists. As a result, The weather, geography and people and three favorable factors.

As regards the remaining three sets of sales schedules, Mr Chiu said that the project to jointly develop the Sham Shui Po Hai Tan Street with the URA (876 in total) was scheduled for sale in the second to third quarters. The first phase of the Wau Pau Road project in the Mid Levels Central (115 ) Expected to be sold in July-August, while the largest Telford TenCo., Tseung Kwan O, will be put on sale in the third to fourth seasons. In addition, Zhao Guoxiong said that this year he continued to bid for the land with an enterprising attitude and hoped that it could cast his land for development. Regarding the “Budget" announced tomorrow (January 28), Zhao Guoxiong did not hear the government’s attempt to reduce spicy food. He said that at present there is no condition to reduce spicy food. The overall economic situation in Hong Kong is good and the public are keen to enter the market. He expects the government to continue to increase the supply of land. We can consider relaxing the mortgage rates to help the public enter the market.

Guo Ziwei, director of Cheung Kong Real Estate Investment, said the group’s fabled Beijing apartment will sell a low-density apartment in the first phase; Shanghai High. In the area will launch a new apartment, Lakeside is the sale of new lakeside mansions and apartments, together with the Guangzhou Yuhu Mingdi this year, Beijing and Shanghai Sui three materials launched 4, involving more than 1,000 partners, the market value of more than 10 billion yuan. Liu Qiwen, a director of the company, said Phase III of the Yuhu Mingdi will be launched in Guangzhou with 189 villas each covering about 320 to 620 square meters (about 3444 to 6674 square feet).

Bailey Paul system: spicy trick details should be improved

Developers are planning to deploy the new year push plans, Paliburg (00617) Fan Tong Bao, executive director and chief operating officer, said its Kau San Tin luxury project in Hong Kong expected from August to September in the form of existing buildings for sale, providing a total of 136 Stratified and 24 bungalows, practical area of ​​about 1600 to 5000 square feet.

With regard to the Budget, Fan proposed to increase the plot ratio to increase the supply of housing and speed up the approval process for the transfer of farmland to residential purposes, but the government is under-staffed. Therefore, a special department should be set up to handle agricultural land. In his view, the property market “spicy move" should not be withdrawn, but the details should be improved, including the additional stamp duty (SSD) can be changed from 3 years to 2 years, as speculators usually only hold goods within one year, so SSD shortened to two years has been enough to scare The purpose of BSD is to prevent the Mainland people and Hong Kong first-raters from grabbing flats. Therefore, the BSD should be abolished for a price over 10 million yuan. As for the Ad valorem Stamp Duty (DSD) ) It should be relaxed that each person can hold two properties, one for self-occupation and the other for rent.