Ying Hui Taiwan shopping malls and parking spaces for sale

Owners of Mobil Ngai Hui Mall and 43 private carparks and 10 goods vehicles loading and unloading places commissioned by First Pacific Davis and Colliers International for exclusive tenders for public bidding with a closing date of 3 On the 29th at noon on the 29th.

Ying Hui Hui is located at the basement of Mobil Nirvana Mall. Nirvana was completed in 2002 and was constructed by Cheung Kong (001) and Far East Development (035) at the site of Li Yuan Playground. Property is located at the transportation hub, next to Mei Foo Sun Chuen, 5 to 8 minutes walk to Mei Foo and Mei Foo West Rail Stations. The underground part of the mall is connected to the Batu terminus. The bus service connects Hong Kong and Kowloon and the traffic is very convenient.

Zhou Zhenbang, a senior director of Savills Investment, said: “With reference to the contracted price of the sale of land sales and government land auctions in 2017, based on the market turnover of similar properties and the cost of property replacement, the tender for sale of properties It is a premium. Now that the rental rates of some tenants in the property sector are low, the rent can be raised after the lease is completed or some large tenants are reorganized to increase the rate of return. As a result, there is great potential for value-added. With the present property investment market, The attractiveness and high rate of return of the Fai Fai Price is indeed an investment opportunity that can be difficult to find and suitable for rent collection by investors or for buyers’ own use. "

Shopping area of ​​more than 100,000 square feet

Zhen Jun Min, Managing Director of Colliers International (Hong Kong) Capital Markets and Investment Services, said: “Infinity Hui is a market of over 100,000 square feet of high-quality shopping malls for sale. , There are about 65 tenants in the mall, including supermarkets, lifestyle department stores, retail, education, beauty and catering, providing a more comprehensive and diversified one-stop shop for some 20,000 families and young consumers in the area Consumer Experience Apart from serving customers in the service area, the property’s attractive exterior wall advertising spots and multiple private parking spaces can help attract customers outside the region to Pay Vision.