Year of the dog developers actively push the plate is actually pushing more than 2800 9 units

Just after the Lunar New Year holidays, Hong Kong’s developers once again made an effort to push the board. Yesterday, three developers held a press conference in a concerted effort to gain market attention. Cheung Kong (1113) Zhao Guoxiong, an executive director, forecasted that the group plans to sell 9 new units this year involving more than 2,800 units. In addition, MALIBU, Phase 5A of Wheelock (020), “Lohas Park", has been uploaded with bookstore listings. Developers are right to sell their products at the earliest next month and are expected to become the “first dog after the dog year."

Cho Kwok-hung points out that among the nine new ones, four projects are new. This quarter is expected to take the lead in launching the “Repulse Bay Road 90″ bungalow project which will provide 11 bungalows. Subsequently, it is expected that a redevelopment project at Cheung Sha Wan Hai Tan Street will be launched to provide a total of 876 units, subject to the approval of pre-sale consents. In addition, two of the new disks are the “Hirayama City" Phase 8 of the railway property and the mansion project on Bolaoshan Road on Hong Kong Island, with the former providing about 1422 units and the latter about 115 units. For Hong Kong’s property market in the coming year, Zhao Guoxiong said the market confidence is good and the stock market is flourishing. The Group has maintained its confidence in real estate market. In recent years, the supply of small-sized households has been increasing. It is believed that the Group will launch new large units or bungalows to cater to market needs.

MALIBU material for the dog’s first new dish

About 1,600 were provided by MALIBU. Huang Guangyao, the managing director of Wheelock Real Estate, said that it is expected to be the first large-scale new project for sale after the Lunar New Year, with the first batch of sales as fast as the first half of next month at least 320 units. Projects have been uploaded Lou book, short-term demonstration units will be open. He also pointed out: Do not worry about the increase in interest rates, the pressure of interest rate hike in the United States is not great. However, local banks are not sufficiently funded to follow the interest rate hike. I believe the expectation of raising interest rates will have little impact on sales.

As for the distribution of “MALIBU" units, Wong Kwong Yiu pointed out that the intervals are from 1 room to 4 rooms. The main two-bedroom home, providing 960, a ratio of Liu Cheng, practical 453 to 597 square feet. 2 rooms divided into 4 types of units, including open kitchen, open kitchen with storage room, standard kitchen, standard kitchen and even storage room. The other largest single-family four-bedroom units, located in the project 1A, providing 55, practical 1087 square feet, accounting for 3.5% of the whole disk.

Paula Paul push the first quarter of Kau Wa Shan project

In addition, Paliburg (617) is expected to launch the Kau To Shan project in Shatin in the third quarter of this year. Fan Baobao Executive Director and CEO Fan Tong said that the project is expected to be 9 to 8 months from September to Satisfy the paper will be approved, the first three quarters expected to sell in the current building. The Ma On Shan commercial project “WeGo Mall" will open in May this year. Currently, it has pre-leased more than 60% of the floor area, ranging from about $ 40 to over $ 160 per square foot. The tentative plan is to reserve underground shops and shops of larger size for rent to large-scale brands.