Jiahui has a price of 27,000 yuan

Kai Tak-Hui, which was developed by K. Wah, has just recorded the turnover of special households. The low-floor one-bedroom households changed hands with the price of 27096 yuan, creating a new high of one-bedroom households in the district.

Kai Tak No. 1 Bidding

Jiahui 3 low-rise C room with platform features units, an area of ​​334 square feet, and another 276 square foot platform, sold in the form of tender, the transaction price of 9.05 million yuan, the price of 27096 yuan, the price of a new high in the district.

From Kai Tak No. 1 (II) developed by China Overseas, the market pointed out that two groups were sold out in the form of tenders, and sales arrangements were also announced. The first low floor tenth floor units were launched for sale, covering an area of ​​1,569 square feet and four rooms separated. The tendering date will be from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturday and the entire tendering time will be only 1 hour. Henderson’s Cheung Sha Wan Nanchang No. 1 yesterday pulled out about 14 groups, including high-rise room B, an area of ​​366 square feet, pricing 7.945 million yuan, the price of 21716 yuan, another low-rise D room, an area of ​​396 square feet, another 106 platform , The price is 8.019 million yuan, and the price is 20250 yuan. As for the same department Xiyingpan Hanlinfeng also sold a group, for the five middle-floor F room, an area of ​​358 square feet, price 100.118 million yuan, the price of 27,983 yuan. Xinhe Development Co., Ltd. recorded a turnover of 566 sq ft in five high-floor F office rooms in Yak Yuen Park, Saigon, with a price of 11.667 million yuan and a price of 20617 yuan.