Yangming four-room house price rushed 30,000 hits

The desire to change the building is on the rise. High-quality mansions are sought after. Tai Tam Yangming Villa has recently been traded. A new mid-level household has changed hands by about 68 million yuan, and its practical price has approached 30,000 yuan. It is a new indicator for seniors in housing estates.

Yangming Villa has a middle-level household with a turnover of about 68 million yuan, and the practical price is about 29,463 yuan.

Baohuatai received 48 million.

The market pointed out that the above-mentioned sixty-one rooms in the middle tenth floor of Yangming Resort had a saleable area of ​​about 2,380 square feet. The original price was about RMB 66 million. The original owner raised the asking price by about RMB 2 million a week ago. In recent days, it has been accepted. The practical price is about 29,467 yuan.

In the Mid-Levels Evening Record transaction, Zhong Zhi Zhang Zhibo stated that the room in Room A on the middle floor of Baohuatai was received by the buyer for about 48 million yuan, with a saleable area of ​​about 1,596 square metres, and a practical price of about 3 yuan. Seventy-five yuan. The market revealed that a low-rise D room in Tai Hang Shanglin was also resold for about $19.70 million. The practical price was about RMB25,000.

Benefiting from the sale of new discs in the same district, the sales of second-hand luxury properties in North Point continued. On the 21st, Cai Jiajun indicated that there were six low-rise B-rooms in the Saixihu Building in the district, with a total area of ​​1,467 square feet. It was a room with four bedrooms and workers’ rooms. It looked northwards to the landscape, with parking spaces selling 3,000. $1.25 million and $21,625 for practical use. The original owner’s goods accounted for a profit of $17.25 million for nine years.

Jiahuangtai special households sold more than half a billion

In the 21st century, Yan Zhizhi from Kitayama said that people in the foreign exchanges purchased the room C in the middle floor of the Nga Court in the district for 17.40 billion U.S. dollars for a practical area, and used it for 16.6 million U.S. dollars. 199 yuan is a market price.

In Kowloon, the market pointed out that a special household in Jiahuangtai, Kowloon Tong, with a saleable area of ​​1,746 square miles, was accepted by the buyer for about $52.8 million, and the practical price was about 29,000. $9302. In the lower floor of Room D, DUNBAR PLACE in Ho Man Tin, the purchaser received a total of about 28.3 million yuan, with a saleable area of ​​1,210 square meters and a practical price of 23,388 yuan.

Sai Kung Siu Kwu, Sai Kung recorded a bungalow transaction. Century 21 Chi Fung Liao Zhenxiong stated that the number of houses in Block D of the housing estate was 15,020 sq. ft., and it enjoyed a small number of sea views. It was sold at 22.5 million yuan, and the actual price was 14900. Eighty yuan.