Half-monthly 40 housing estate prices high

In March, all buyers from Hong Kong rushed to the market and the second-hand property prices rose. In less than half a month this month, there have been at least 40 housing estates that recorded historically highest transaction prices, and soared from the second half of February. About 1 times. The high-rise two-bedroom units at Xintingxuan in Sha Tin were sold for 7.58 million yuan, and the property price was broken to about 5% on two occasions on the 5th; and the three-bedroom households in the Tseung Kwan O Centre had a practical price of more than $18,000, a new high for the estate.

The buyers of the higher peaks of Qiqi had four berserk grabs, and the secondary market recorded a top deal.

Six cars on the car half

According to comprehensive market information, there have been at least about 40 housing estates recorded historically high prices this month, and only about 20 estates were broken in the second half of February. In this month’s second-hand broken sale, at least half of the upper floors were sold at a price of less than RMB 6 million, reflecting the demand for this type of property. The first city in Sha Tin, Kingswood Villas in Tin Shui Wai, Nanfeng New Village and Cow in Quarry Bay The corner of Amoy Gardens has also recorded a new high price.

Property prices rose rapidly. Xin Tingxuan’s property price was broken twice on the 5th. Last weekend, the highest selling price of housing estates was 7.25 million yuan. According to Huang Jinhan, the company’s 3 high-rise F rooms have a saleable area of ​​419 sq ft. Just after the sale of 7.58 million yuan was broken again, the record pushed up 330,000 yuan or 4.6%, and the practical price of 18,091 yuan was the same as the new high.

In response to the demand for flat replacement, the owners “high-selling and high-buying”, and recently large units also recorded high prices. Li Jiage Liang Jing Yan said that 13 high-rise F rooms in the Tseung Kwan O Centre had a saleable area of ​​638 square feet and a three-bedroom space. They brought out two-family homeowners in the same housing estate and re-entered the market for a total of RMB 11.5 million. The real estate price was 18,025 yuan to create a new high for the housing estate.

HOS flats are being chased by high ones. The 21st Century Sun said that in the middle of the 6th floor of Block F of Suiyuan Court in Fotanju, there was 472 square meters of usable area, which was put on the market for half a year. It was purchased by the branch’s sub-council and negotiated at RMB 4,800,000. The practical price was RMB 10,169, and both prices were similar. new highs. Central Plains Wang Qin learned that Yuen Long Parker 6 middle four-bedroom households, only a reduction of 40,000 yuan, that is sold for 10.106 million yuan, a standard stratified households hit a new high, the practical price of 11,691 yuan.

Wu Shaoming, chief executive of the Midland Residential Property Department, pointed out that the market before the Lunar New Year has accumulated a certain amount of purchasing power, and that the new housing policy is not introduced in the Budget, giving the property market more freedom of development, and the confidence of the public in entering the market has increased significantly. Owners tend to sell new products at high prices, and at the same time, the purchasing power is released. The market naturally has a number of broken price deals. He added that the rise in property prices is particularly pronounced for units with a price below RMB 6 million. It is expected that the upward trend will continue in the first half of the year.

Senior real estate investor Wu Longfei also believes that after the Lunar New Year, the property market, Xiaoyangchun, and the launch of new discs have made the property market even hotter. Public housing and HOS housing have been chased by buyers. The bank needs to run at the beginning of the year and is easier to approve. After going out of the building, the valuation is more aggressive and the property prices continue to rise.

Huangpu Taxes Earn 1.34 million

In recent days, the hot money has not been loosened. Yuan Yuan, Central Plains, stated that the high-rise Room G in Block 3 of Phase 5 of the Huangpu Garden in Hung Hom had just sold 10.9 million yuan, and the real estate price was 16,029 yuan. The original owner presided over the goods for less than two years, after paying an additional 10% additional stamp tax of approximately 1.09 million yuan, the book still earned 134 Ten thousand yuan. According to the company’s longest claim, the middle floor of Block D of Jianwei Garden in North Point sold 7.2 million yuan, the actual price was 15,789 yuan, and the appreciation of the unit was about 36% for about two years. The original owner still earned about 1.18 million yuan after paying taxes. .