Long Deyuan Silver Main Board 6.5 Million RMB 12%

In the absence of the residential market, alternative properties are also sought after. A silver master of Longde Court, Stanley, was sold to over 10% of the buyers on the auction floor and was eventually sold at a free market price of 6.5 million yuan, which is expected to create a new high price for the estate.

Sino-Asia Auction sold 4 properties yesterday, of which 3 were silver owners. The units sold include Room 03, Middle Floor, Block C, Lung Tak Court, with a saleable area of 526 square feet, a free market price of 5.8 million yuan, and a final sale price of 6.5 million yuan, and a practical price of 12,357 yuan, which is approximately 12% higher than the initial price. It is expected to be a new high for the housing estate.

Long Xuan Court 18% higher

Two high-level silver master properties in the Tang Building, No. 234, Cangzhou Street, Sham Shui Po were also sold for RMB3.91 million and RMB3.6 million respectively.

There is also a landlord’s plate on the same site. The unit is the ground floor of Unit C, Longxuan Court, Tai O, with a saleable area of about 424 square feet. The free market price is set at 2.08 million yuan, and the transaction is finalized at 2.45 million yuan. The practical price is 5,778 yuan. The asking price is about 18% higher. According to statistics, the unit has appreciated about 86% so far in one year.