Last month buyer stamp duty 725 million 4 months low

Last month, affected by the Lunar New Year, and without the launch of large-scale new discs, first-hand and second-hand trading all declined, and the number of transactions involving buyers’ stamp duty and ad valorem stamp duty fell. Taxes involving buyers’ stamp duty have fallen by a further 40% on a monthly basis.

Reflect the Lunar New Year factors

The Inland Revenue Department announced yesterday that in February this year, there were 352 transactions involving purchaser stamp duty, a decrease of 18% compared with 430 cases in January, which was the lowest since 325 cases recorded in August last year. The buyer’s stamp duty was imposed on the buyer during the period. The amount was only 725 million yuan, a sharp decrease of 40% compared with 1.206 billion yuan in January, and was a new low of 56.68 million yuan in October last year.

3 Spicy tax is reduced by 480 million or 14%

In addition, the number of transactions involving ad valorem stamp duty also declined. Last month, the transaction involving ad valorem stamp duty reached 3,122, which was 6.1% less than the 3,326 cases in January. However, the tax involved involved was 2,314.3 billion yuan. The monthly total of 2.371 billion yuan was similar. In addition, among the three items of spicy tax, there was an increase in sales involving stamp tax. Last month, there were a total of 47 transactions requiring tax payments, which was a 23% increase from the 38 in January, reflecting the increase in property prices. The 3-year full-year inscription period is the same as the stock, but the figure is still less than the 50 and 52 cases in November and December of last year. In the February sale, the amount of tax involved is 29.2 million yuan, which is less than a month. 6.7%. In total, the three above-mentioned spicy taxes involved a total of 3.068 trillion yuan, a decrease of 48.828 billion yuan or a decrease of approximately 14% from the 3.55113 billion yuan recorded in January.