District continues to promote commercial development

There will still be several commercial sites to be launched in Kowloon Bay and its surroundings. The two commercial sites in Kai Tak Area 3A and 3B alone, together with the Kowloon Bay Action Area, have already provided a total of 7.5 million square feet of commercial floor space. 4 Zhonghuan State Gold Phase 2.

In recent years, the Government has revised the Kai Tak Development Area Plan to be part of the apron of the former Yugoslavia. Most of the land is zoned “Government, Institution or Community". The two sites in Area 3A and Area 3B have been rezoned for commercial development.

Kai Tak District 3B District Scale Victory Gold 2

Land area 3B in Linhai covers an area of ​​up to 409,000 sq ft. It will be used for commercial purposes. Because of its land-surfaced land, its development density is relatively low. The plot ratio is 5.8 times and the building area is nearly 2.37 million square feet. The 2nd phase of the Central China National Fund (with a total floor area of ​​1.95 million sq.ft.) is still 20% larger. It does not rule out that the government will subdivide 3 to 4 smaller-scale commercial sites in phases.

As regards site No. 5 in Area 3A, south of Kai Fuk Road, it covers an area of ​​145,000 sq. ft., with a plot ratio of 8 times and a buildable floor area of ​​approximately 1.16 million sq. ft., which can be used to create a Grade A commercial building.

Apart from the large amount of residential and commercial supply at Kai Tak South apron, the Government also plans to relocate the waste transfer station and vehicle examination centre along Chang Cheung Street and Kai Fuk Road as the Kowloon Bay Action Area for commercial developments such as hotels and offices. .

The site of the Kowloon Bay Waste Transfer Station in Phase 3 of the neighboring corporate plaza covers an area of ​​about 169,000 square feet. The pedestal will serve as a retail and public transport interchange, while the upper cover will construct an office and a mixed hotel and office. Development, with a total floor area of ​​2.224 million square feet.