Kingswood Villa standard unit

Although the Sino-US trade war has caused the stock market to fluctuate, the property market in Hong Kong is still strong. The indicator’s latest price for standard homeowners in the Jiawu Villa in Tianshuiwei of the Auto Mall is close to RMB 12,000. As for the new port city of Ma On Shan, there are also two housing households selling at a price of nearly RMB 18,600, creating a record high for housing estates.

Jiahu Villa recently sold at high prices in the residential and parking spaces.

Central Plains Maaseli pointed out that the above-mentioned two-room F room in the upper floor of the Meihuhu Resort in Jiahu Village has a saleable area of ​​441 square feet, with a transaction price of 5.26 million yuan and a practical price of 11,927 yuan, setting a new high for the benchmark household price. The original owner purchased the unit for 3.58 million yuan in one year and held the goods for three years. The book profited 1.68 million yuan and appreciated by about 47% during the period.

Two-bedroom apartment in Newport City for sale 18594

He continued that the number of parking spaces on the first floor of the project, Lihu Plaza, had been sold at 1.46 million yuan, a 55.7% increase over the past year. This is the third highest level of parking space in two weeks.

Ma On Shan indicator on the estate of the new estate in the car park Xingang City, then broken the top price, market sources pointed out that housing estate D Block, the middle 7 rooms, practical area of ​​320 square feet, is a two-bedroom interval, with 5.95 million yuan for resale, practical price rose to 18,594 yuan .

The prices of major housing estates in the urban areas have also been recorded at a high price. Central Plains Yang Wenjie stated that 12 D rooms in the middle class of Nanfeng New Village in Quarry Bay were acquired by three groups of buyers. They eventually changed hands with 8.48 million yuan and used 516 square meters of practical area. The price of RMB 16,434 was a new high of the standard three-room price.

High property prices have affected the performance of trading. Central Plains stated that 9 of the 10 housing estates had recorded transactions on Saturdays and Sundays, which was 43.8% less than the previous week. They included Kornhill Gardens in Quarry Bay, Whampoa Garden in Hung Hom, and three urban housing estates in Laguna City in Cha Kwo Ling. News transaction.