North Point Seaview Industrial Building 89.52 million changed hands

Recently, commercial and industrial properties were actively traded, and the industrial buildings were highly sought after. The unit and parking spaces of the North Point Seaview Mansion changed hands with an average price of RMB 89.52 million and the average selling price was over RMB 8,000. The property was held for 25 years and the property appreciation was more than 3 times.

The premises are located at Room 1B, 8th Floor, Block B, Ocean View Building, 2-8th, Watson Road, North Point. There are 6 parking spaces, 64B, 65A, 65B, 66B, 67A and 71A. There are 6 parking spaces under the Land Registry. According to statistics, the buyers are both Shixin Investment Co., Ltd. The company’s directors include Mai Haosen, Maisensen and Maisenmei. They purchased the above-mentioned basket of properties for a total of 89.52 million yuan, and the original owners were all YIU SHUN INVESTMENT COMPANY LIMITED.

Property with six parking spaces

Among them, the 1st floor of the 8th floor has a building area of ​​about 5,056 sq ft., and the utility rate is 80%. The price was 44.16 million yuan, and the construction price was 8,020 yuan. The original owner purchased the unit in July 1993 with a total purchase price of 11,404,000 yuan, holding about 25 yuan. In the year, the book profited approximately 33,126,000 yuan, and the property appreciated 3 times; the 14th floor, Room 05, with a building area of ​​approximately 4,658 square feet, and the utility rate was 80%, with a turnover of 39.36 million yuan, and the construction price was 8,450 yuan. The original owner was in 1993. In May, a total of 3,253,800 yuan was purchased in a basket of properties, including the site; the first floor parking lot 64B, 65A, 65B, 66B, 67A and 71A had a total of 6 parking spaces, with a turnover of 6 million yuan and an average parking space of 1 million yuan. In July 1993, the landlord purchased the plant for 2.4 million yuan and held the goods for about 25 years. The profit on the book was about 3.6 million yuan, an increase of 1.5 times.