The new stock market slowed down on the 2nd

In the past two days, new market conditions have been slow, and 40 groups have been sold during the weekend. Industry insiders pointed out that the market has a good atmosphere and is dominated by users. However, due to the lack of focus on the broader market, coupled with the stock market instability and other factors , new disk sales slower.

In general market statistics, there were about 40 single-handed transactions recorded in the past two days, which fell by about 40% in the week and involved about 30 housing estates.

Chen Yongjie, vice president and president of Centaline Real Estate Asia Pacific, said that due to the increase in the market’s negative factors, including the warming trade war between China and the United States, the stock market fluctuates. Investors may hesitate to enter the market, plus factors such as US interest rate hikes. Some of them chose to wait and see the change and slow down the progress of the transaction.

Ming Yu’s first deal involving 48.08 million

Wu Shaoming, chief executive of Midland Property Residential, said that the Sino-US trade war has caused market sentiment to fluctuate, which to a certain extent has affected the local property market atmosphere. However, the active mirage activity reflects that the market has not reduced its demand for home ownership.

Although there were few transactions in the past two days, the market also recorded cases of high-priced luxury residential transactions. This included the first new launch of the Garmin Group in Hong Kong. The Ming Yuen Estate in Prince Edward Road West, Ho Man Tin, recorded the first recorded transaction yesterday. According to the information on the First-hand Sales Information Network, the tender transaction was completed by Room B on the fifth floor, with an area of ​​1,304 square feet and a three-room interval, with a transaction price of 48.081 million yuan and a price of 36,872 yuan.

Yan Jingfeng, Director of Sales and Marketing of the Garmin Group, said that the project had opened the demonstration unit of the existing building on March 22 and only recorded the first transaction in about two weeks. It was satisfied with the transaction. The transaction price reflected in the project reflected the project interval and landscape.

Kai Tak No. 1 selling price 23,100 yuan

In addition, the sources pointed out that China Overseas Kaide No. 1 II, low-rise project also recorded a new transaction, the unit is 11 5th floor, an area of ​​1561 square feet, 4 bedroom interval, sold for 3605.9 million yuan, the price of about 23,100 yuan . It is learnt that the two projects of the Kai Tak No. 1 and II, this year, sold a total of 14 low-ranking units and cashed in more than 500 million yuan.

OASIS KAI TAK has two partners

According to the news, New World’s Qingshuiwan Xinpan proudly unloaded a group of rooftop special households yesterday at a new high price. The unit is 16 rooms on the 7th floor, an area of ​​1,841 square feet, with 1,399 roofs, and the transaction price is approximately 43.5 million yuan. , The price of about 23,836 yuan, creating a new high record of similar projects. It is reported that a total of 48 rooftop special households have been sold so far.

MacPherson’s last household was 37.8 million people.

The new OASIS KAI TAK, Wheelock’s new Wheelock, yesterday ran two teams. The transaction included a high-rise F room with an area of ​​752 square feet, a price of 24.067 million yuan, a price of about 3,2004 yuan, and a middle-floor F room. 752 square meters, priced 24,466,000 yuan, the price of about 29,875 yuan.

The last group of MacPherson Exchange in Mong Kok, the new building of Kowloon-based Jianye, yesterday delivered the last group. According to the news, the unit is a low-rise unit of Block 1B, which is a platform duplex house with an area of ​​1,681 square feet and is priced at 37.8 million yuan, and the price is about 22,487 yuan. .