The price of Jiahu is nearly 12,000 yuan

Recently, the trade war between China and the US warmed up, the stock market fluctuated, and the second-hand property market was under pressure. The transaction volume of housing estates fell by more than 40%. However, the market frequently recorded high-price transactions. The high-rise households of Lakeview Heights in Jiahu Resort in Tianshuiwei changed their prices to 11,927 yuan, creating a house. The standard household price of the court is at a new high.

Widen the “Salzia"

Zhong Li, Deputy Manager of Central Business District, said that the high-rise E room in Room 1 of the first floor of Meihuhu Resort in Kingswood Villas has an area of ​​441 square feet. After a price reduction of 40,000 yuan, it will be accepted by the “80s” passengers for 5.26 million yuan. The price is 11927. Yuan, a new high for the standard household price of the new housing estates. Last month, a total of 10.96 million yuan changed hands at a high-level pair of households in Lehujing, which was a new high for the housing estate.

Hong Kong Home Affairs Manager Honghong Guo stated that in the lower floor of Room 5 of Tseung Kwan O Plaza, there was 545 square meters of practical area and river views to the southeast. The original owner originally offered a price of 8.9 million yuan, which was awarded to the first home buyer in 3 months and the owners reduced. The price was 60,000 yuan. It eventually changed hands at 884 million yuan, and the practical price was 16,220 yuan. The construction cost and the price were the same as those of the Tongchuang estate. The original owner purchased the above-mentioned units for 1.87 million yuan in July 2003 and the book profited 6.69 million yuan. The appreciation is about 3.73 times.

Newport sells for 18,536 yuan

Liu Haoqin, assistant director of the Hong Kong-based district division, said that in the same area, the middle of the two banks of the Azure Bay, the area has 745 square meters. After a price reduction of 620,000 yuan, it was sold for 13.18 million yuan, and the price was 17,691 yuan. The transaction price hit a new high for similar units.

Hu Yaozuo, manager of the Zhongyuan Division, pointed out that the high-rise building, Block D, in Block D, Xingang City, Maanshan, covers an area of ​​321 sq. ft. and was used by the user for a total of RMB 5.95 million. The price was RMB 18,536, creating a new high for similar housing estates.