Top ten blue-chip housing estates traded nearly 6.5 billion yuan in the first quarter

According to agency data, the number of second-hand sale and purchase contracts for the top ten blue-chip private housing estates in the first quarter of this year was recorded at 835, with a total value of 6.486 billion yuan, up from 691 in the fourth quarter of 2017 and 5.224 billion yuan, up by 20.8% and 24.1% respectively. . The number was the highest in six quarters after 883 in the third quarter of 2016, which was a new quarterly high in the past six years after hitting RMB 6.76 billion in the second quarter of 2012. Reflecting the buoyant property market, the demand for home buyers was strong, driving the top ten housing estates to rise, while property prices continued to rise, causing the overall amount to hit a new high. Reporter’s comprehensive report

Huang Liangsheng, a senior joint director of the Centaline Real Estate Research Department, pointed out that of the top 10 blue-chip private housing estates, the highest registered number of transactions was recorded in the first quarter of 2018, with 184 cases totaling 941 million yuan. Followed by Mei Foo Sun Chuen, recorded 128 cases with a total value of 1.079 billion yuan. The City of Sha Tin registered 122 places and ranked third with a total value of 668 million yuan.

Registered second-hand sales of the remaining seven housing estates in the first quarter of this year were Taikoo Shing (83 cases, involving 961 million yuan), Laguna City (79 cases, involving 614 million yuan), and Whampoa Garden (73 cases, involving 650 million yuan). ), South Horizons (54 cases, involving 575 million yuan), Heng Fa Chuen (43 cases, involving 406 million renminbi), Kornhill Gardens (38 cases, involving 333 million renminbi) and Sceneway Garden (31 cases involving 2.59 Billion).

The number of Ligang City rose

In the first quarter of this year, the number of registered transactions in eight housing estates recorded an increase. Among them, the number of Laguna City’s cities had the largest increase, rising by 1.3 times quarter-to-quarter. The number of Sceneway Garden projects increased by 93.8% quarter-to-quarter. Trading in Xinghua Village rose by 48.3% quarter-to-quarter, ranking third. The number of Mei Foo Sun Chuen, South Horizons, Kingswood Villas, City One Shatin and Kornhill rose by 36.2%, 31.7%, 15.7%, 14% and 11.8% respectively. However, the number of transactions in Whampoa Garden and Taikoo Shing in the first quarter recorded a drop, falling 8.8% and 14.4% quarter-to-quarter respectively.

March blue-chip housing transactions involving 217 cases

On a monthly basis, the number of second-hand sale and purchase contracts for the top ten blue-chip housing estates in March 2018 was recorded at 217 cases with a total value of 1.698 billion yuan, down 29.5% and 31.6% from 308 in February and 2.482 billion in February. The figure was a new five-month low since 201 cases and 1.469 billion yuan in October 2017. The registration in March reflects the market conditions during February. It shows that the holiday season in the new year has a strong festive atmosphere. Buyers slow down the pace of entry into the market, affecting the falling prices of the top ten housing estates. After the holiday season, the seasonal market was approaching and second-hand transactions increased significantly. It is expected that the registration of the top 10 estates in April will increase.