Ming House 3 bedroom household 48.08 million

The first standard household transaction was recorded by Ho Man Tin Ming Yuen of the Garmin Group (1271). The relevant unit was Project Room B, Floor 5, with a saleable area of ​​1,304 square feet. A total of 48.081 million yuan were successfully sold and the sale price was 36,872 yuan.

Yan Jingfeng, Director of Sales and Marketing of the Garmin Group, said that since the project was opened on March 22, the project had recorded the first transaction in about 2 weeks and was satisfied with the transaction price and sales sentiment of the project. Therefore, it is confident that the high-level unit of the project can be constructed More ideally, it also reflects the market’s eagerness for high-quality, low-density housing. She also revealed that it will speed up the sales process.

Nanjin. Shore-to-shore provisional oversubscription 12 times

In addition, Henderson (0012)’s new subsidiary Nanjin, Tianwan, Aberdeen. To meet the shore, at the end of last month, the first round of sales sold 68 people, and this Tuesday will start the second round of sales involved 23 groups. According to market sources, the project temporarily collected more than 300 tickets, according to sales of 23 guys, over-subscription of 12 times. The actual area of ​​this batch of units ranges from 195 to 255 square feet, the price list price ranges from 4.841 million to 6.641 million yuan, and the price list price ranges from 24,173 to 27,118 yuan. The discount rate for the current batch of flats is a maximum of 5%. The discounted price ranged from $4,599,000 to $6.309 million. The discounted price ranged from $22,964 to $25,762.

In addition, new sales in the Kai Tak Development Area were buoyant, but some individual buyers also made departures. According to the records of the transaction, a new case was registered in Tianzhu, a subsidiary of Jianye Real Estate. The unit was a 28-floor unit in Tianhaihui, a practical 886-square-foot unit, which was sold at about RMB 25.66 million in the middle of last month. However, the buyer has not completed the transaction recently and it is expected that the developer will forfeit the 5% deposit and involve more than 1.28 million yuan.