New plate grabbing ten major housing estates weekend 3 cases 5 months low

A number of new orders are being invoiced, and the landlord’s asking price is still strong, causing second-hand trading to continue to fall. According to statistics from the Central Plains, the top ten housing estates recorded 3 transactions in the weekend, except for the weekly decline of nearly 80%, which was 20 weeks after the Lunar New Year, that is, a new low of 5 months. Chen Yongjie, vice chairman and president of the residential department of the Central Asia-Pacific region, said that in addition to the large number of second-hand customers, the Sino-US trade war has also added uncertainties to the external economy. Buyers have become cautious in entering the market and have a certain impact on the transaction.

Agent means that the property market atmosphere remains stable

According to the statistics of the United States, a total of 6 transactions were recorded in the top ten housing estates on the weekend, which was 40% lower than the previous 10, and returned to the number of units. Six estates “swallowed eggs". Bu Shaoming, chief executive of the United States Residential Department, said that after the announcement of the new housing policy, although the second-hand trading was soft on the weekend, the weekend activity remained stable and the buyer’s second-hand interest was not significantly affected by the new housing policy and trade war. Declining, individual quality listings are more sought after by buyers, reflecting that the market sentiment has not changed much.

New Tuen Mun Centre 2 rooms see 6 million for the first time

In fact, the new housing estates in the Northwest New Territories have continued to record new high turnover. The transaction price of the two bedrooms in the New Tuen Mun Centre was first seen at $6 million. Huang Qingde, senior regional manager of Xiangyi Real Estate, said that the 7th floor of the new Tuen Mun Centre, Room D, is a practical 501 square plaque (building 620 square plaque), which is accompanied by enterprise decoration and has been accepted by the passengers in the area for 6 million yuan. 11,976 yuan (built in 9671 yuan), the transaction price of the housing estate two new high. The original owner bought in 2014 for 3.065 million yuan, holding goods for 4 years, and the book profit was 2.935 million yuan or 96%.

Bihua Garden’s goods in 1997 rose 1.25 times in 21 years

In addition, the Hong Kong Garden in Kowloon Tong recorded a second-hand case of 99% of the goods. Xiao Weixiang, the chief joint regional manager of the United States, said that the central room C of the 7th floor of Bihua Garden has a practical 1211 square (building 1308 square), 4 rooms separated by 22.5 million yuan, and real 18,580 yuan (17,202 yuan). The original owner invested 10 million yuan in June 1997, and the profit of the book was about 12.5 million yuan or 1.25 times.

Renting tenants to 7.48 million to buy Shangling open-type households

In addition, the Xiying Pan was used in the Panshanling open-type unit to receive tenants. Liang Jiaxi, manager of the Lijiage branch, said that a second-hand transaction case in the low-rise Room A of Shangling in the Western Mid-Levels was practically 307 square feet. The open-ended interval was used by investors to take up the rent of RMB 7.48 million, which was RMB 24,365. The original owner purchased in August 2014 for about 6.15 million yuan, holding less than 4 years, and the book profit was 1.33 million yuan or 22%.