Link repurchase share price

The United States and Europe have a turning point in the issue of automobile tariffs, and the compromise plan is expected to be reached, stimulating the rise of auto stocks in the two places. The number of US ADP private companies increased by 177,000, less than the expected 190,000. The number of initial jobless claims rose to 231,000, and the economy did not seem to be as good as expected. After the United States fired its first shot, China has indicated that it will not yield, the relationship between the two sides is tightening and interest rate hikes, and fluctuations in emerging markets are inevitable.

The Hang Seng Index rose 133 points last Friday, closing at 28,315 points, with a turnover of 98.4 billion yuan. Hong Kong stocks were in a good position, and the morning market followed the domestic stock market and fell, and tried the 28,000 mark. A-shares continued to decline, compared with the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s 2016 low of about 2,640, which is only about 48 points. In the afternoon, the central government did not launch a policy counterattack, and friends took the opportunity to counterattack first. Last week, the stock market fell and consumed speculators’ confidence. In the past few days, Bo rebounded and failed. However, seeing the position, he was afraid of chasing the beggars, and the number of recent cattle certificates is still more than the bear certificate.

The exhibition (0823) has a good year-round performance, and the rent adjustment rate is as high as 31%. The stock price is getting stronger and stronger, breaking the historical high. As the external uncertainties increase, it has become a safe haven. The Group’s main business is in Hong Kong, benefiting from the recovery of the retail industry and both offensive and defensive. Last year, the sale of a number of properties, the company holds a large amount of cash, so that future mergers and acquisitions have no hesitation. The TOP of Mong Kok’s new shopping mall has just opened, and it is the mainstay of the younger family. The waterfront remittance with Nanfeng will be completed in the first quarter of next year, which will increase revenue. The weekly interest rate is 3.72%. The repurchase has a supportive effect on the stock price. It is recommended to wait for a low absorption, with a target price of 79 yuan and a stop loss of 66 yuan.