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Market rumors, Xiaomi’s underwriting commission is as high as 10%, so everyone is fighting for a slap in the face, and the system is weak, and many people apply for placement. Of course, rumors will be confirmed by the rumors.

It is under the reward that there must be a brave man. To sell goods, price reduction is not the most effective method. Instead, it is a fare increase and a commission, but it will be more effective. People who are familiar with the market know that the most effective way to sell a building is to have more than one commission. The broker must fight. If you pay a private commission, you will fight 10 times more, but I also tell you that the private commission is If you break the law, you must go to jail.

New building plus commission when the price reduction

But when it comes to buying a commission, the second-hand building is just wet and wet, and the new building is a boast! Why does the new building only increase the price and never cut the price? Because developers sell new buildings, the way to reduce prices is on the commission. As the foreword, commissions are always better than price reductions.

As far as I know, the highest commission is a duplex unit in the Western District, which is 28%. However, this is actually the price for developers to pay overseas stamp duty! It is said that sometimes developers can also pay for luxury clothes. In short, the bottom of the table may be overpaid, and the penny can not be reduced.

When it comes to stocks, the same is true. Whether the pricing of new stocks is reasonable, whether it is high or low, many people do not know how to calculate, but as long as there are discounts, there are high commissions, it is very attractive.

Speaking back to Xiaomi’s listing, including 745 million old shares, hundreds of millions of silver bags are safe, regardless of whether the listing is rising or falling today, people who sell old stocks are earning hard!