The new disk effect, the average price of the Golden Lion is 17,000.

The long-distance (0035) of the main mini-houses (0035) was launched on the first batch with a discount of more than 22,000 yuan. The price of the new flats on Sha Tin has made the price of the owners in the district firmer. In fact, the 32-year-old Golden Lion Garden in Tai Wai Estate, although it has not recorded a transaction from this month to last Thursday (5th), the average real rate has risen to $16,686 last month, setting a new high in the housing estate. In the past two years, the average real estate has also risen by more than 50%. Ming Pao reporter Zhang Yunting

Zhao Guohua, manager of the Central Branch, said that the current low-priced building is sought after and there is a shortage of supply in the same housing estates near Golden Lion Garden. Therefore, it is believed that Golden Lion Garden will still have potential for appreciation. The newly recorded transaction was a high-rise unit of Phase 2 Jinning Pavilion, which was a two-bedroom household with a saleable area of ​​306 square feet (a building area of ​​488 square feet), which was sold for 5.16 million yuan, and was actually 17,516 yuan (10,983 yuan for Jianye). The original owner purchased in January 2001 for 880,000 yuan, earning a profit of 4.48 million yuan or more than 6 times.

Zhao revealed that no transactions were recorded between this month and last Thursday. However, there were 4 transactions in the previous month, with an average of 16,686 yuan, an increase of more than 15% over the same period last year. Due to the serious shortage of the market, the Golden Lion Garden is currently not available. At present, the entry unit is the 4th floor of the 1st floor of Block D of Jinhua Pavilion. The utility model is 270 square meters (Building 418 Fangyi) 1 room. The owner is asking for 5 million yuan, and the actual price is 18518 yuan (built building 11,961 yuan).

The first city 2 rooms 6.3 million broken top

The first city of Sha Tin, a large housing estate in the same district, also recorded a new high transaction. According to market news, there are 31 high-rise rooms in Block 31 of Shatin City. The utility model is 327 square meters. The two rooms are separated by 6.3 million yuan. The transaction price of the two-bedroom households in the estate is a new high of 19,266 yuan. The original owner purchased 1.75 million yuan in 2009, holding 9 years of goods, and the book profit was 4.55 million yuan, and the unit appreciated 2.6 times.

Xinducheng Real Estate 19,368 yuan high

In addition, the recording price of Tseung Kwan O Metro City has further marked the housing market record. Zhang Zhenbang, the business manager of the Central Plains sub-region, said that the above-mentioned units are the lower-floor F-rooms of the 6th phase of Xinducheng, and the practical 364 square meters (building 505 square rafts) belong to two-bedroom households, with a turnover of 7.05 million yuan, realizing 19,368 yuan (Jianjian 13960 yuan), the transaction price is the highest in a similar household, and the price is the highest in the housing estate.

Tianshengyuan 548 million expensive district green table homes

Under the new housing policy, the adjustment of the HOS pricing mechanism has been reduced from a market value of 7% to 52%. However, there are still HOS flats at high prices. Room 6 of the upper level of Shengyue Pavilion, Tianshengyuan, Tianshuiwei, is a practical 650 33 房房, with a green table price of 5.479 million yuan, real 8429 yuan, the transaction price of Tianshuiwei District has not added land prices to the new high.