Henderson Landlord strong shot price of 1.4 billion

Henderson Land (00012) Sai Wan Ho Tai Lok House Old Building redevelopment project was ordered by the Lands Tribunal to be auctioned at a reserve price of $ 1.401 billion. The court documents show that the applicant filed a strong film at the beginning of last year, when it had assembled about 84.85% of the title, and then the purchase of some residential units and shops, including the recent acquisition of 360 million yuan floor, it is estimated that the applicant has set Project more than nine percent of the title.

Hongan announced earlier, the sale of Ma On Shan Baishiyao Sha Road residential land rights and interests. The Development Bureau responded that the Government had granted the land to the Frontier Limited for a four years and the landowners had not resold the land so far. The media reported that the shares were subject to change. The land lease only restricts the transfer of land title, does not limit the success of the tender company’s equity transfer. The Council also pointed out that the price after the completion of the building was determined at the prevailing market price, that is, the market price at the time of sale was not necessarily related to the cost or the sale of the shares. The Government would not be able to speculate.