New Territories Street Shop Plus 67%

The rent in the New Territories was marked by a strong increase in consumer demand. Since the beginning of this month, there have been at least 6 additional flats in Tai Po, Yuen Long, Tsuen Wan and Kwai Chung. The increase ranges range from 25 to 67%, including chain jewelery shops and restaurants.

A record increase in rents in Yuen Long. (Data picture)

Consolidated market information, the recent increase in the New Territories area, is believed to be an area of ​​about 1,300 square feet at Block B, 18-26, Ford Street, Yuen Long, with a rent of about $ 150,000 per month. Company monthly rent 90,000 yuan, higher than 60,000 yuan or 67%. It is reported that the shop rent of only about 47,000 yuan a year, fourteen years rose to 55,000 yuan.

The area is about 2,050 square feet, the current tenant chain sports brand, to about 30 million monthly renewal, the old rent of 240,000 yuan, with a total of about 2,050 square feet, Up 60,000 yuan or 25%.

In recent months, New Territories bunkers are leased

Tai Po shop is also impressive, Po Lake Road, No. 1 single-storey shops, an area of ​​about 20,787 square feet, the recent 450,000 yuan per month rented to the restaurant, the old tenants supermarket chain monthly rent of 300,000 yuan, Higher than 50% or 150,000 yuan.

Gold is rented for $ 76 per sq ft

The area is about 1,520 square feet and is rented for $ 160,000. The former tenants are chain food companies. The new rents are 110,000 yuan, up by about 45%.

Tai Po Road, Tai Po Road, an area of ​​about 1,470 feet, about 130,000 yuan per month rent out, the original shop for the use of self-employed shop. There is also a local chain of jewelry gold line to about 200,000 yuan per month, the rent of the street on the second floor of A shop, an area of ​​about 1,558 square feet, about 150 yuan lease, the shop and the adjacent B and C shops from the banks to Month 39 million rental.

In the Tsuen Wan area, the first floor of Tsuen Hing Road, with an area of ​​about 4,037 square feet, has been leased out at a monthly rate of $ 300,000. The new tenants are chain sushi shops and old tenants are chain Japanese restaurants. $ 210,000 per month to rent the shop, the latest rent rose 43%.

The same level of about 5,084 square feet, rented for $ 420,000 per month, and the former tenant is a western restaurant.

Kwai Chung has a monthly rent of $ 300,000

A total of about 15,000 square feet in the lower deck of the Po Sing Center, 1 to 25, Ta Chuen Street, Ta Kwu Wan, recently opened for $ 300,000 per month. The original tenant is a restaurant with a rent of about $ 220,000. Renting an old rent rose about 80,000 yuan or 36%.

In the recent years, large-scale housing estates have been completed and the number of living population has increased and consumer demand has increased. In addition, many local chain jewelery gold bars have been added in the past few years. There are many non-core areas such as Yuen Long and Tsuen Wan. Settled in the main streets of these areas, driving the rise in rent. He said that this year’s non-core area of ​​rent increased by 5 to 8%.