Shichang mini-warehouse 9.5 million to sell two groups of industrial buildings

The recent construction of the city of Wang, the owner of cash. Shichang Mini Warehouse Co., Ltd. has recently sold a total of approximately HK $ 9.5 million to sell two or more Riverside Industrial Buildings in Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan. The individual units have appreciated about 2.3 times for nine years.

Shichang mini warehousing industry to nearly 9.5 million yuan sold Rongfeng Industrial Building two groups.

Fengli Center to sell 102 million

Land Registry Information, No. 3, Room 3 and Room 4 of Rongfeng Industrial Building, held by Shichang Mini Warehouse Co., Ltd., sold at 440.8 million and 5,078,000 respectively. The above room 3 is the original owner in 2008 to 200 million yuan together with a nearby room to buy together. As for the No. 4 room in 2008 to 1.53 million yuan to purchase, that is, the unit nine years of appreciation of about 3.555 million yuan or 2.3 times.

Market news that senior investors Cai Bo can hold the Kwun Tong Gongyi Fengli Center low-level full-storey, yesterday the first batch of 16 units, the admission fee of about 1.02 million yuan, the most expensive unit price of about 200 million.

Jiahu parking spaces for two days 4 sale

Tsing Yi Road up to Granville Industrial Building has a large area of ​​factory sales. Mr Lee Kwok-wai said that the property, Block A, covers an area of ​​about 14,670 square feet, with an intention price of about $ 101 million for sale at about $ 6,900.

Parking lot silver fine, the recent trading also see active. Zhongyuan Wu Yaozu said, Tianshui Wai Jiahu Villa recently in two days with four cars in the transaction, even if the bottom has been more popular at the bottom of the transaction, driven by the cumulative total of 10 transactions recorded this month, a new month this year, House Lot Lake House library on the 2nd floor of the double parking spaces to 1.08 million yuan changed hands, the original owners hold five years profit of 689,000 yuan, the appreciation of about twice.

On the other hand, Putao Bay Hong Kong Bay recently opened a silver bus, the second floor of the project on the 2nd parking spaces, the price is 2 million yuan, compared to four years ago, the purchase price of nearly two percent.