Public housing turnover hit a five-month high

Sale and sale of second-hand public housing flats last month. The Central Plains refers to a total of 53 similar registrations in August, totaling $ 144 million, up 17.8% and 25.2% respectively, and a five-month high. During the period the highest case for the Lam Tin Tak Tin Tak Tak House a 14 floor units, the transaction price of 4.2 million yuan, and the highest in the calendar year the ninth high. And Wong Tai Sin Fung Tak Tsuen, last month recorded 5 cases registered up to a total of $ 14,788,000 yuan.

The second-hand HOS flats were affected by the expiry of the purchase period of the second round of “White House" Hong Kong Property said that a total of 3,066 second-hand HOS flats registered in the first eight months of this year, down by about 6.2% from 3,267 cases in the same period last year and the third lowest level in the same period of last year. However, the average turnover of each record high, from 3.552 million yuan last year, up 21.6% year on year to about 4.288 million yuan this year.

The APA noted that the new estates were trading at a higher level than the traditional estates and 10 were less than ten years old. The circulation rate in the first eight months of this year was about 4.3%, which was significantly higher than that of the traditional ten Which is about 1.8% and 8.1% respectively.