W50 sqm to sell 24,600 yuan expensive Huang Zhu Hang commercial buildings

Office repeatedly recorded breaking the top of the transaction. Huang Zhu Hang Shangwu W50 top floor with rooftop units to more than 2400 yuan per square meter to sell, breaking the area within the commercial tower price record, almost equal to the core area of ​​Grade A commercial level.

Sheung Wan Shun Tak Center West Wing middle class this month to about 27,000 yuan to sell at an estimated price of about 27,000 yuan.

According to the Land Registry, the above-mentioned W50 top-level rooftop units and two parking spaces were sold at $ 35.98 million. The new purchaser was Chang Lian Development Co., Ltd., and the original owner purchased the site and the two- 3rd floor parking spaces. That is, holding the property for three years the appreciation of about 25%. It is understood that the property area of ​​about 1,457 square feet, the average transaction price of 24,695 yuan per square foot, a record record, also a new high in the region.

The highest price for the building is $ 18,670, which is more than 30% higher than the oldest record.

Shun Tak tender offer price of 33,000

W50 above the top of the transaction price of foot, almost equal to the core area of ​​a tower price. Sheung Wan Shun Tak Center West Wing middle class, this month to about 27,000 yuan per square meter to sell, the transaction price of about 37.85 million yuan.

Central Plains office Xie Lisheng said, with the building on the 20th floor, 04 and 05 room tender, with a total area of ​​3,961 square feet, the intention of about 33,000 yuan price, November 8 cut.

Emperor Plaza Square, every ten thousand thunder

Market news that the Admiralty Center in a middle of the middle of the month in March to about 17,900 yuan to sell. As for the low-rise households in the Central Amusement Park Building, the area is about 3,408 square feet and is priced at about $ 22,000 at an estimated price of about $ 749.66. Midland Commercial Kong Guangguang said Tsim Sha Tsui Emperor Plaza, high-rise 08 room to 10 million yuan change hand, about $ 13,072 per square foot, a new high price of the tower.

In addition, there are market participants, Wan Chai New Silver Group Center, even the middle of two parking spaces, an area of ​​about 7,388 square feet, the buyer price of 23,000 yuan per square meter, involving the amount of nearly 170 million yuan.