Property market and new “stimulants"

The reasons for the rise in property prices in the property market experts are nothing more than supply, even if the Government can increase the supply of land, but the property developers have the ability to hold goods and sell the property prices at a high level. In addition, there is a huge demand and a low level of interest. Even if the affordability of Hong Kong people is weakened, property prices will not fall because there are a large number of Mainlanders to buy Hong Kong and Hong Kong has sufficient resources. Even if the US rate hike, Hong Kong Do not follow, and there are examples of assistance, the United States has added several interest rates, Hong Kong can still not, for a variety of reasons, indicating that the property market will still rise.

In fact, the property market will not continue to rise I did not dare to say, dare not say that the experts said the words do not make sense, but they did not rise in the most important factor in property prices say, because, if said, all of the above The reason has immediately become nonsense, without this factor, the property market has turned down 90%, that is, after a person eating doping to participate in the game, even if there are good grades, he only talk about how hard and hard training, how difficult training, Eat a stimulant.

In the first half by the pressure-free high-yield mortgages

In the second half of the beginning of the property market favorable factors not only did not diminish, and getting better and better, new real estate hot, second floor building record high, but the property did not rise, it can be said that the favorable factors affecting the property market has come to an end, even if Real estate developers to their new real estate to provide pressure-free test of the high number of mortgages, nor to rise in property prices, if I only say that if the government ban or real estate developers to no longer provide free pressure test Mortgage, the trend of the property market will be how, I do not believe that there is no impact on the experts, the property market can still remain stable. In fact, we are aware of the number, the property market in the first half to maintain the rise, thanks to real estate developers to test the high number of pressure-free mortgage, resulting in new real estate hot, and bought a new building and no need to sell their original owner property, The property market is still under-supplied. Although the property prices are at record highs, the volume is very low and the property prices are still unable to continue to rise under a record high. This is also a concern for the property market unless there is a new " Dough “, otherwise the property market is difficult to continue to climb up, or someone still still do not know what the property market is" stimulant “if I said that the property developers to provide pressure-free test high mortgage, I believe that opponents Not too